Safety Precautions Before Installing Software on Your PC

Safety Precautions Before Installing Software on Your PC

Safety Precautions Before Installing Software on Your PC

No one can accurately predict installation fails. If we had a crystal ball, we could probably make a large profit lending ourselves out to software companies. Until that day you will just have to follow these guidelines to improve your success rate before installing software:

Check Compatibility :

Make sure your software can run on the PC you are installing onto.

Reboot First :

This clears out any-in-memory errors. Besides it is the first thing any tech support person will suggest you try.

Clear the Temp Folder :

This folder holds temporary files created and used by applications when they are opened or installed. When the application is closed these files are supposed to be deleted. Unfortunately this is not always the ca se. Some programs do not clear these files or a program may have been closed abruptly, leaving files in the folder. All of this junk collecting in there spells trouble for any software install.

Close any Application running in the Background :

Programs running in the background can wreak havoc with software installs. Antivirus, sound platforms and intlliPoint (Microsift mouse software) are the top of the list.

Administrative Privileges :

Make sure you have administrative privileges on the computer: confirm this before attempting to install a program. You won’t be able to install most programs if you don’t have the proper security permissions.

Do not open any application or files:

This will only slow down possibly interrupt your install, the screen saver starts. Not only is it a nuisance, it may also cause you to cancel your install.

Connect Power:

If you’re using a laptop plugged in? When on battery your laptop may go into power save mode, operating your hardware at lower speeds to save power.

Keep your Kids away from this Keyboard: They just seem to be hit any wrong button correctly to interrupt software installation.