Completely Uninstall VALORANT from your PC

If you want to uninstall valorant from your windows pc or laptop it can be due to if your Valorant is not working properly or valorant not opening or Valorant showing error on your windows pc then you can completely uninstall and delete valorant from your windows pc easily and install valorant on your windows pc or laptop again. So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Completely Uninstall VALORANT from windows PC or laptop

If you are getting errors when uninstalling valorant from your windows PC then you need to make sure that Valorant game is not running or open on your windows pc or laptop and close valorant completely before uninstalling valorant from pc.

Completely Uninstall VALORANT from your PC

Below steps will help you uninstall vagrant completely from pc.

Use Apps and Features to Uninstall Valorant from PC

Step 1: Click on Windows search and search for Apps and Features

Step 2: Scroll down and find Valorant from here and click on Uninstall and valorant will be uninstalled from your computer PC.

Using Control Panel Uninstall Valorant Completely

Step 1: Click on windows search -> Type control panel and open it.

Step 2: Now, Click on Uninstall Program

Step 3: Scroll down and Find Valorant program here and Right click on it and click on uninstall

Step 4: Wait for valorant to uninstall and once it’s done, valorant will be uninstalled completely on your windows pc or laptop.

That’s it, this is one method to uninstall valorant from your windows PC.

Delete Local Files Riot Game Files from your windows Computer

To completely uninstall valorant from your windows pc or computer, you need to delete temporary files and delete riot files.

Press windows + R and type in %localappdata% and hit enter and delete all files from here and this will delete any local file of Valorant game files still present on your computer.

Can’t Uninstall Valorant From PC

If you can’t uninstall valorant from pc and getting error message that valorant is already open then close valorant application which is opened on your pc and open task manger on windows computer and find valorant and end task of valorant game will quit valorant game completely.

To make it simple here, just shutdown and restart your windows computer and all games or opened applications will be closed and then you will be able to uninstall valorant from your windows pc and you wont get any error when uninstalling valorant game on pc.

How Do I Completely Remove RIOT Vanguard From PC or Laptop Windows?

You need to uninstall Valorant from your windows computer and then delete riot game files from your local c drive if present and delete temporary and local files from your windows computer.

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