Expand Hisense TV Storage

If you are running out of storage on your hisense smart tv then its very frustrating and your hisense smart tv responds very slow and apps loading will be slow and you cant install apps on hisense smart tv if your internal storage space is low and you need to clear cache on hisense tv which will free up space on your tv.

But you can delete unwanted apps on your hisense smart tv and clear cache and clear all data of installed apps or apps taking too much space on hisense smart tv and free up space and there are reasons why hisense smart tv storage is running out of space.

You can also add an usb or external storage device to your hisense smart tv and load apps from external storage device and add extra storage to hisense smart tv and you can easily fix hisense smart tv storage issue.

Expand Hisense TV Storage

When you connect your external hard drive or usb hard drive to your hisense smart tv, then it will automatically detect plugged in usb or external device and it will give you prompt on your hisense smart tv.

Force Allow Apps on External Device

To install apps on external devices on hisense smart tv, you need to go to developer options and then enable option force allow apps on external device which makes an app eligible to be written to external device (to install apps on external Storage Device).

Allowing apps to external device will also make your apps to move to external storage device.

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Access External Storage Device on Hisense tv

When you content external device or usb to hisense smart tv, it will ask which storage device to use and you can also go to storage settings on hisense smart tv and click on storage and select external storage or usb device which you have connected and it will show you details of external storage data and other details.

How do I use a flash drive on my Hisense smart TV?

You can also connect usb flash drive on back of your hisense smart tv usb slot and turn on your hisense tv and it will ask you to access usb flash drive data and you will be able to use usb flash drive data on hisense smart tv.

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