How Do i Check LG Smart TV Internal Storage

If you are having issues with your lg smart tv like apps keeps closing itself and you are getting pop up message out of memory or insufficient memory then this means that your lg smart tv is running out of free internal storage space and you need to delete unwanted apps and clear cache of apps which will free up space and add external storage device and move apps to external device on lg smart tv.

If you get internet storage space error on lg smart tv and wondering how much space your lg smart tv has and how much free internal storage space is available on your lg smart tv then you can Go to settings -> General settings and Go to TV information settings and view available internal storage space on lg tv.

Check LG Smart tv Internal Storage

Follow below steps to see available internal storage on your lg smart tv.

Step 1: Turn on lg smart tv and Press home button on lg tv remote.

Step 2: Press down arrow and go to All Settings

Step 3: Select General

Step 4: Select Devices

Step 5: Select TV Management

Step 6: Select TV Information and Scroll down and you will see Available Internal Storage Space and how much space your lg smart tv is used and how much space is left on lg tv.

What to Do  if LG Smart TV Internal Storage Is Full?

If lg smart tv internal storage is full, then you need to delete unused apps on your lg tv and check internal storage space and still if your lg smart tv storage is full then you need to delete and clear cache and clear all data of streaming apps and other apps which are consuming more gb space on lg tv.

Connect External Hard Drive

You can also connect external hard drive to your lg smart tv and use external hard drive as main source or move apps to external hard drive and free up internal storage space on lg smart tv.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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