View a Private Instagram Account?

Instagram doesn’t allow you to view private accounts and to view private accounts on instagram then you need to know each other or you have to send follow requests and as soon as a private instagram account user accepts your requests then you will be able to view private instagram accounts.

Due to security reasons and to protect privacy and security reasons instagram will restrict or allow profile to view with known persons or people who follow or follow back can only view photos or videos on instagram account.

How to see private account photos on instagram without follow them

You can also view photos or videos of private instagram accounts by using third party software tools which will help you view private instagram account photos or videos.

EyeZy platform is a well known viewer used by many instagram users to view private instagram account videos or images without knowing (notifying) to private instagram accounts.

How Do View a Private Instagram Account

Follow below steps and send the following request and ask private instagram account user to view your profile.

Step 1: Open instagram and tap on profile that you want to view private account

Step 2: Tap on Follow and follow back to view private account to see their photos and videos

Step 3: Once private account user accepts your request, then you will see photos or videos of private instagram account

This is how you view photos and videos of private account users on instagram.

Can I see Instagram private account photos without following?

You can’t, and you need to follow private account and the request should be accepted and then only you will be able to see photos or videos of private account on instagram.

Third Party Softwares to View Photos or Videos of private Instagram Account

There are many Private Instagram viewer apps or softwares available like instaviews, EyeZy, Glassgram and other software and by using these viewers you will see photos or videos of private instagram account user without knowing them.

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