Samsung Warning Unplug Charger Immediately

When you are charging samsung galaxy s24 ultra mobile and you are getting a warning message saying “Warning Unplug Charger Immediately on Samsung s24 ultra” with beep sound and saying we’ve detected moisture or foreign material in your charging / usb port then you will get this warning message unplug charger immediately on samsung galaxy mobile. So, let’s see in detail how we can fix this issue and get rid of this error message when charging.

A Dirt Charging port of if the charging port is damaged or a software issues can also cause warning unplug charger immediately error can be displayed and once you see the error warning unplug charger immediately message when charging then you need to unplug immediately and try these below methods which will fix the issue easily on samsung galaxy s24 ultra, s23 or any other samsung mobiles.

Fix Warning Unplug Charger Immediately on Samsung s24 ultra

Follow below simple methods here to fix warning message “Warning Unplug Charger Immediately on Samsung s24 ultra”

Unplug Charger and Power Off Samsung Galaxy s24 Ultra

If you get this message then you need to immediately unplug your charging cable as soon as you see Warning Unplug Charger Immediately message and then swipe from top to bottom and then tap on power off and turn off your samsung galaxy s24 or s24 ultra mobile.

Use Wireless Charger

If you get a warning error message on samsung galaxy s24 ultra or s23 or s22 then use wireless charger and you will not get an error message when charging samsung s24 ultra or s23 mobile.

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Dry Cable and Charging Port

You need to grab a soft cloth and clean charging cable and make it dry and if you are having blower then grab air blower and clean charging port of samsung galaxy s24 or s24 ultra and make it dry.

Use Slice Gels and Keep it for Couple of Hours

If you don’t have a air blower not handy then you can try using silicon gel and keep silicon gels in cover and then place you mobile in cover and lock for couple of couple and leave it for few hours and wait for your samsung s24 ultra to dry and then plug charging cable and charge samsung mobile.

Clear Cache of USB Settings

Step 1: Unplug samsung mobile from charging and then turn off your phone and then turn on.

Step 2: Now, go to settings -> Tap on Apps and then tap on filters icon next to your apps.

Step 3: Now, toggle button show system apps and turn it on and tap on ok.

Step 4: On top search bar -> Search for USB settings and tap on usb settings option.

Step 5: Scroll down and tap on storage option and tap on clear cache.

Now, once you clear cache of usb settings then go  ahead and plug charging cable to samsung galaxy s24 ultra and then your mobile will charge properly without issue and you wont get error message warning unplug charger immediately message on samsung galaxy s24 ultra or s24 or s23 or s22 or any samsung mobile.

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