Pin App and Lock it To Screen on Samsung Galaxy A23, S21, S22

On your samsung galaxy mobile A23, s21, S22, S22 ultra or any other samsung galaxy mobiles you can pin apps and lock it on your samsung galaxy home screen and pin any app to lock screen on galaxy mobiles and you can lock apps with certain apps on samsung galaxy screen using app pinning feature and its helpful if you want to stay your child on a specific app.

To pin apps on lock screen on samsung mobiles -> you need to enable biometric and security option and enable pin lock feature and use app pinning feature on samsung galaxy mobiles.

What Happens if i Pin App on Samsung Galaxy Mobiles

If you pin apps on samsung mobiles with specific app and you hand it over to your friend or someone or your family member or kid then they will not be able to unpin app and they will stay only on the app that you have pinned and they will not be able to access other apps or features on samsung galaxy mobile after pinning app.

Pin App and Lock it To Screen on Samsung galaxy Mobiles

Step 1: Grab samsung galaxy mobile and Tap on home button

Step 2: Now, swipe from top to bottom and tap on Gear icon to go to settings on Galaxy Mobiles

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Biometric and Security option

Step 4: Tap on Other settings option and Tap on Pin windows and enable pin windows option by toggling button next to it.

Step 5: Also enable the ask for pin before unpinning option here and toggle button next to it.

Step 6: Now, swipe from bottom to top and access recently opened apps and simply tap on icon and tap on pin this app and tap on ok to confirm.

Step 7: That’s it, samsung galaxy mobile is locked with pin app feature and this is how you lock apps with pin on samsung mobiles.

Unpin Apps on Galaxy Mobile

To unpin apps from galaxy mobile you need to press home button and back button together and apps will be unpinned.

Pin an App and Lock it to the Screen Samsung S22

Enable app pinning feature on Samsung security and biometric settings and then select the app from recently closed app and tap on icon to pin it and confirm.

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