How to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 black screen

  • To fix samsung galaxy s22 black screen issues -> You need to forcer restart your mobile and use original charger and charge your samsung galaxy s22
  • Let your battery drain and then force restart and press in and out power button and other methods explained here.

If you are having Samsung galaxy s22 mobile and all of sudden you notice that your galaxy s22 is having black screen and not turning on and you can hear sound from your galaxy s22 mobile and if you want to recover data from galaxy s22 black screen and you can fix this black screen issues by just following this simple troubleshooting methods of samsung galaxy s22.

Even though your samsung galaxy s22 mobile is having black screen you can still get calls, mobile vibrates, text notification and everything works, but your screen will be black and wont turn on. This troubleshooting method works for all samsung galaxy s22, s22 ultra, s22 plus or s8, s9,  models and you can apply these methods.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 black screen?

Below troubleshooting methods will help you get rid of the Samsung galaxy s22 black screen of death.

Force Restart Galaxy s22

Step 1: Press and hold volume down and power button and don’t let go off these buttons until you see the samsung logo on your samsung s22 mobile.

Step 2: Now, wait for your samsung smart tv to boot up and completely turn on your samsung s22 mobile.

Once you see your samsung mobile completely turns on and reboots it will be working fine as usual without any black screen.

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Use Original Charger

You need to use original charger to charge, if you have charged your samsung galaxy s22 to 100percent and you use it for about an hour or so, it goes black after sometime, and the reason is if you are not using original charger, the battery gets to charge for 100 percent but drains quickly and which may lead to black screen on samsung s22.

Dropped your Phone and Samsung galaxy Black Screen Issue

If you have dropped you phone and nothing seems to be broke on outside but screen goes black on samsung s22 mobile and this is due to the hardware or chip inside samsung s22 have been damaged and in order to fix this you may need to contact samsung s22 support and fix this issue, if you have dropped your samsung s22 mobile.

Let the Battery Drain Completely

If above solutions doesnt help then you need to go ahead and wait for your samsung galaxy s22 to completely drain its battery and don’t use the phone for couple of days and after couple of days then you need to charge it for 1 hr or 2 hr using samsung s22 original charger and then try force restarting your samsung s22 mobile.

Gently Press the Samsung s22 Mobile

You can also try this method and it helps some users who have experienced samsung s22 black screen issues. So go ahead and gently press samsung s22 mobile on back and front by using 2 fingers, so that if anything is stuck inside or chip or motherboard present got malfunctioning sometimes by doing this method the issue of black screen can be resolved. 

Press in and Out Power Button

Sometimes if power button gets stuck due to dust and this may lead to black screen issue on your samsung s22 mobile, so go ahead and press in and out power button on samsung galaxy s22 and then plug battery cable and then restart your samsung s22 mobile by pressing power button and volume down button and release once you see samsung logo and wait until it boots.

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