How to Deactivate Chat With Gemini in Chrome Browser

Google recently implemented chat with gemini AI feature embedded into chrome browser and when you type something on chrome url you will see chat with gemini and press tab then it will open gemini app and you will be able to chat in gemini app and if you are wondering how to disable chat with gemini in chrome browser then you can easily disable it by following these simple steps.

You can use @ symbol in google chrome url bar and you will see gemini option (chat with gemini option, bookmarks, history and tabs and by going to chrome settings and disable site search @gemini in chrome browser site search settings.

Disable or Deactivate Chat With Gemini in Chrome

Step 1: Open chrome browser and click on 3 dots on top right corner.

Step 2: Click on Search Engine on left side menu and Click on Manage Search Engine.

Step 3: Scroll down and find Site Search section -> Under Site Search section you will see chat with gemini option.

Step 4: Click on 3 dots next to Chat with Gemini option and Click on Deactivate option to deactivate chat with gemini.

That’s it, once you click on deactivate then chat with Gemini option will be removed from site search on google chrome browser and it will be deactivated.

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Why to Deactivate Chat with Gemini in Google Chrome Browser?

Many users are comfortable to chat with gemini AI and for many reasons like AI is in Beta version or Chat gemini answers are not accurate like other AI and they are not very happy and want to opt out of AI Overviews from google search and stay away from gemini and want to deactivate chat with gemini as well in chrome browser.

This is the best way to get rid of chat with gemini on google chrome browser which is added to chrome browser but you can’t deactivate AI overviews or google gemini AI answers from google search as of now.

How to Check Chat With Gemini is Deactivated or Not?

you can confirm whether chat with gemini is deactivated or not by opening google chrome browser and in chrome url bar -> type @ and you will not see chat with gemini option, this means chat with gemini is disabled.

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