Samsung S72 Camera Not Flipping Problem Solved

Samsung S72 Camera Not Flipping Problem Solved

  • To fix Samsung S72 camera issue -> clear camera cache and restart your Samsung device.
  • Quick fix: Allow the camera applications permissions and force stop camera applications.

Samsung smartphones haven’t been known to have the best selfie cameras. But the front camera on most of the Samsung galaxy devices aren’t bad either.

If you are the one among the Samsung users and have a habit of taking a lot of selfies , then you might have noticed that when you capture a selfie with the galaxy S72 or either other Samsung devices the images turn out exactly as the preview in the  viewfinder.

Samsung provides a ton of options for users and fortunately, the company has provided the option to either save the image as previewed. Or flip the image or save them.

Fix Samsung S72 Camera Not Flipping Issue

Follow the troubleshooting method and follow these tricks and your issue will be fixed.

How to Flip Selfie on Samsung Devices

Step 1: Open the camera Application.

Step 2: Click on settings ( topmost left gear – like icon )

Step 3: Then under the picture section , go to the save option.

Step 4: Then select the picture as previewed. And by using the toggle button turn off.

Step 5: Finally done , now you can go and click a selfie.

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What to Do if the Camera is Not Working on Samsung S72?

Here are the certain steps you need to follow to fix the solution and by doing this you can fix the problem of the camera not working.

Reboot the Device and Fix Camera Not Flipping

  1. Switch off the mobile and on it.
  2. Recharge if the device battery is low.
  3. Clear the application data.
  4. Clear cache.
  5. Check if another application is using the camera actively.
  6.  Allow the camera permission.
  7.  Force stop the camera Application.
  8.  Remove any third party camera Application.