How to Permanently delete Instagram Account

  • To Permanently delete Instagram account -> Sign In to Instagram  from desktop or Mobile Browser -> Navigate to this instagram account deletion page and select reason and enter your password and click on permanently delete instagram account and confirm.
  • You need to login to instagram from desktop or mobile browser (not from instagram app) to delete your insta account.

Now -a-days in trending social media app instagram is very popular and everyone is on it. It is a place to talk to your friends and the one of the sources to get entertainment. Instagram is widely used social media platform for influencers, celebrities and normal people as well. So, due to this everyone is focusing on their phones and some people may think to leave some social media app in that Instagram is one. In order to focus on real life interaction.

2 Options Delete Instagram Account or Deactivate Instagram Account

You want to delete or deactivate your instagram account there are two options for you they are delete or deactivate. If deactivating Instagram means your account is temporary and deleting an account is permanent which removes your profile, videos, photos, comments etc. If you decide to move away from social networks completely then you can delete your account and there is no way to bring your account back. Before deleting you Instagram account you should carefully consider whether or not you really want to do that and go ahead and read this documentation from instagram. Because once you are done with that you cannot reactivate it and you will lose everything.

Delete Instagram Account

You cannot delete Instagram account by using app on your smartphone. You have to use browser or you computer or smartphone.

Step 1: Login to instagram using browser and you need to know the delete instagram account link.

Step 2: It is called delete your account, but you won’t find it by clicking around. You must know the exact link(

Step 3: Then you have to choose an option to answer the question of why you want to delete your account.

Step 4: Then click on red button(After you choose an answer, a red button  will appear “permanently delete my account”.

Step 5: Then Re-enter your password and click on red button it will permanently delete your account.

Step 6: Finally, your profile and information will be deleted after one month after your deletion request.

Step 7: It may take upto 90 days to delete all your account, content etc. During this time it won’t be visible to other users.

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What Happens if i Delete Instagram Account

All your comments, user data, account details, comments, likes, tags etc will be deleted permanently and deleting insta account cant be reverted back and you  cant create same account again with same user name.

Temporarily Deactivate your Instagram Account

So, if you want to take break from instagram without losing anything instead of deleting, you can just disable it for certain days or time. This is also an option that you can only use browser.

  • First, login into instagram in a browser on your computer or smartphone. 
  • After that go to your profile and click on “ edit profile”. On bottom right scroll down and click on temporarily disable my account”.
  • You have to choose an answer, let me know instagram why you want to disable your account.
  • After selecting an answer, then click on “temporarily disable account”.

Once your account is disabled and if you want to use your old name for your new account you can do that.

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