Fix Keyboard Lag Problem in OnePlus 9r , 9 Pro , 8t , 7t , 6t , 2 , X , Nord , Nord le

Fix Keyboard Lag Problem in OnePlus 9r , 9 Pro , 8t , 7t , 6t , 2 , X , Nord , Nord le?

  • Force close keyboard settings and restart your oneplus and clear cache to fix keyboard lag problem
  • Uninstall unwanted software which is not in use and clear internal storage on oneplus to get rid of lagging issues or keyboard lag problem.

Many of the android users have faced an issue of the phone’s keyboard which refuses to work at all. There are many issues related to keyboard and the most common issues include keyboard application uninstalled automatically , keyboard hanging while typing , and many other reasons.

If your keyboard doesn’t work and see an error saying “ unfortunately the keyboard has stopped “ then It can be a software issue. 

The OnePlus smartphone is one of the best selling devices. This device is used by many users worldwide. It has become necessary to solve the issue.

Many users have also criticized their performance difficulties  with their valuable smartphone’s.

In the OnePlus 9r , 9 Pro , 8t , 7t , 6t , 2 , X , Nord , Nord le , 1 , 3  the issue cannot be ignored as it is not precisely an unimportant feature but preferably as primary.

In this content we will discuss how to solve the keyboard issues in the OnePlus smartphone’s.

Fix OnePlus Keyboard Lag Problem

Force Stop Keyboard and Restart 

  1. Click on settings from your OnePlus smartphone.
  2.  Click on Application list.
  3.  Select application manager and all tab.
  4. Search the android keyboard application and select it.
  5. Now click on force stop  to close keyboard and re-start it.
  6. Lastly reboot your smartphone.

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Fix Google keyboard not showing

Cache is the most troublesome element which is stored in the android smartphone. This unwanted feature stored in the files and folders which are downloaded from the internet. So , you need to remove cache  of the device as well as application.

Here are the steps for clearing cache from your device

  1. Open settings.
  2.  Click on Application manager.
  3.  Tap on all application list.
  4. Search and touch the keyboard application.
  5.  Click on clear cache option.
  6.  Now clear data then press ok.

How to do wipe cache partition on One Plus

Step 1: Turn off your smartphone.

Step 2:  Press and hold power and volume down button.

Step 3: Now you have entered recovery mode.

Step 4: Press and hold the power button along with volume up key.

Step 5: Then you will find wipe partition option.

Step 6: Press volume up and down key to highlight the option on screen.

Step 7: Press the power key button to select the partition cache data option.

WhatsApp Keyboard Not Appearing on Android

WhatsApp is One of the most popular application used by many users. And most popular across platform messaging  and voice across IP  service which is operated by Facebook.

 The application acknowledges the sending of text messages, voice calls, video calls, images. You can also send media, documents, and GPS location which is extremely essential feature these days

Clear Cache of Application

Step 1: Open settings.

Step 2: Click on Application manager.

Step 3: Tap on all application lists.

Step 4: Click touch the keyboard application.

Step 5: Click on clear cache option.

Step 6: Now clear data then press ok.