OnePlus Nord Ce 5G Network Problem

How to Fix OnePlus Nord Ce 5G Network Problem?

  • To fix Oneplus Nord CE 5G network issues -> turn on and turn off airplane mode and also enable and disable sim once.
  • Quick fix: Force restart your oneplus nord CE 5G, reset network settings and lastly factory reset to fix oneplus nord network problems.

In this content we will troubleshoot the Common problem in the OnePlus Nord Ce 5G . After using this device users are facing common issues and problems especially the network problem.

Troubleshoot Common Problems in OnePlus Nord Ce 5G  network issues

Firstly , we are going to discuss various problems with the OnePlus Nord Ce 5G  and also we are going to know the solution for this issue .

All the solution which have been provided below that are proven and tested methods.

And your problem get solved easily and this solution will be useful to solve the problem of the network issue .

How to fix OnePlus Nord CE 5g Network Problem

Issue –  network problem in OnePlus Nord Ce 5G : if you are facing the network issue in this device there are certain solutions provided below.

Force Restart onePlus Nord 5G

Step 1: Press and hold volume up button and power button.

Step 2: Release the keys until you see oneplus logo on your screen and wait for your oneplus nord 5g to restart.

Turn on and Turn off Airplane Mode

By simply turning off airplane mode on and on you network problem on one plus nord 5g will be fixed some times and to turn off airplane mode follow below steps.

Step 1: Swipe from top to bottom on your home screen.

Step 2: tap on airplane mode -> turn it ON.

Step 3: Wait for 30 seconds and turn it OFF and check whether your network issue is solved or not.

Reset Network Settings on Oneplus Nord?

Step 1: Launch settings app on your onePlus nord 5g.

Step 2: Tap on system

Step 3: Tap on Reset Option.

Step 4: Now, tap on wifi, mobile & bluetooth option.

Step 5: Tap on reset settings and confirm reset network settings here.

Step 6: Wait for your oneplus nord 5g to complete reset network settings.

Once done go ahead and check with your network and your network issue will be resolved successfully.

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Turn off your Sim and Turn ON

Step 1: Open settings app 

Step 2: Tap on wifi and Network option in settings

Step 3: Tap on Sim and network -> Sim card

Step 4: From here you need to turn off sim card i.e enable and disable sim card.

Once you turn ON sim card OFF and ON and check with your network issue is resolved or not.

Update your Oneplus Nord CE 5G 

Step 1: Scroll from top to bottom on your phone -> Open settings (gear icon)

Step 2: Select System -> Select System updates -> wait for your oneplus nord to check whether latest update is available or not,

Step 3: if update is available -> go ahead and update your oneplus nord.

Factory Reset One Plus Nord 5G

If your problem is still not resolved then the last option would be you need to factory reset the phone and to perform one plus nord factory reset follow below steps.

Step 1: Press and hold Volume down and power button -> wait for 10 seconds until you see oneplus logo

Step 2: Now, select language to English -> tap on Erase everything 

Step 3: Confirm factory reset and wait for your one plus nord ro reboot.

That’s it, once your one plus nord 5g restarts your one plus nord 5g network problem will be solved successfully.