OnePlus Nord Factory Reset | Soft & Hard Factory Reset?

  • To perform factory reset -> Press and hold volume up and power button and release the keys once you see OnePlus logo and select erase all data option -> Factory reset and confirm reset.
  • To soft reset -> Settings -> Reset Options -> Erase all data -> wait for your OnePlus to restart.

When your OnePlus Nord is not working or stuck at something or one plus Nord wifi not connecting or any other serious issues on OnePlus Nord then factory reset is the only option to fix one plus Nord issue and this is the last method you need to perform to fix one plus Nord issues as factory reset will erase all your data, personal info, photos, videos and restore it back to original default settings. So, lets see in detail how to perform reset on OnePlus Nord.

How to Factory Reset OnePlus Nord

There are two ways that you can perform reset OnePlus Nord n200

  1. Soft reset ( resetting one plus Nord using settings option)
  2. Hard reset (resetting using hard keys on OnePlus Nord).

Soft Reset OnePlus Nord N200?

Step 1: Launch settings app on your OnePlus nord.

Step 2: In settings -> scroll down and Tap on system.

Step 3: Tap on reset options.

Step 4: Now, tap on erase all data (factory reset) option.

Step 5: Now, toggle and select erase internal storage and tap on erase all data.

That’s it, this is how you soft reset OnePlus nord and once you click on erase all data -> wait for your OnePlus nord to perform soft reset and wait for your phone to restart. Once restarted all your data will be deleted and it will wipe out data, system data and reset to factory default settings.

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Hard Reset OnePlus Nord N200?

You can reset OnePlus nord n200 by using hard keys (volume up and down and power buttons)

Step 1: Press and Hold Power Button and power off your OnePlus Nord.

Step 2: Now, once your phone is off -> Press and Hold both volume down and Power button simultaneously until you see OnePlus logo.

Step 3: Once you see OnePlus logo let go off volume down and power button keys and now enter your 4 digit passcode and choose you language as English (as you prefer).

Step 4: Now, tap on wipe data and cache -> Tap on Erase everything and confirm erasing data here and press ok.

That’s it, it will perform factory reset on OnePlus Nord and erase all data from OnePlus and restore to its OnePlus default settings.

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