Fix OnePlus Nord keeps Restarting

How to Fix OnePlus Nord keeps Restarting

  • To fix oneplus nord keeps restarting you need to perform several methods like tapping on phone, spanning on phone and pressing and holding power button, volume up button and force restart
  • You need to update your oneplus nord mobile to latest version and get rid of these resatarting loop issue on oneplus and if these steps doesn’t help then you need to contact oneplus customer support.

If your Oneplus nord 200 is constantly restarting or keeps on restarting on its own without your note and oneplsu nord stuck with restart and you will not be able to use your phone as well, for this issue you need to perform simple and effective troubleshooting methods just by performing few simple steps from below, lets see them in detail.

Oneplus Nord 200 keeps restarting

Try below oneplus nord troubleshooting methods

Force Restart oneplus nord

Step 1: Press and hold volume up button and power button and don’t let go until you see oneplus logo on your screen.

Step 2: Once you see logo on your screen let go off the keys and wait for your oneplus nord to restart.

If this method doenst work for you then you need to perfrom other steps as suggested below to fix oneplus nord keeps restarting issue.

Press Power Button, Volume Up and Down Button in and out

Go ahead and start spanning power button jo go ahead and press and release power button so that sometimes something stuck inside power button like lint and dust should go and sometimes this may also cause issue which triggers oneplus nord to keep restarting. Perform spanning method by pressing in and out buttons.

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Tapping Method

Grab your mobile on your hand and start tapping with two fingers (pointing finer and middle finger) on the screen and on the back of your oneplus nord mobile, so that if there is any dislodged or may be not working as expected can be fixed by performing tapping method. Tap on the screen hardly and each part of your oneplus nord mobile, this method worked for few of the users who face issue with oneplus nord keeps restarting issue.

Once you are done with this tapping method go ahead and force restart your oneplus nord mobile your issue will be fixed successfully.

Update your Oneplus Nord to latest version

You can update oneplus nord by using setting app on your phone or you can update manually as well.

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your oneplus nord

Step 2: Scroll down -> Tap on System

Step 3: On the bottom you can see -> System update option -> Tap on System updates

Step 4: Now, Tap on Check for updates -> If update available update your oneplus nord and wait for your oneplus nord to restart.

That’s it, this is how you update oneplus nord and fix oneplus nord keeps restaring issue and get rid of it.