How to Fix OnePlus Nord Forgot Password | Recover by Factory Reset

On your oneplus nord if your forgot password and when your enter pin it says wrong pin and if want to reset and recover your oneplus nord password and want to unlock your oneplus nord  then you can easily recover your oneplus nord password by forgot password method which erases all data from oneplus and set your own again by following below steps and factory reset oneplus nord to recover your password.

You can use your google account and reset your oneplus nord password or you can go to recover mode on oneplus nord and restore oneplus nord to orignial default factory settings which will erase all data and wipe entire data.

Oneplus Nord Forgot Password How To Reset

Step 1: Press and hold power button and turn off your phone.

Step 2: Press and hold volume down and power button and release these both keys once you see one plus logo.

Step 3: Now, Tap on forgot password option on your screen.

Step 4: It will prompt you will loose everything including music, videos, pics.

Step 5: Now, tap on ok to continue

Step 6: Again tap on ok and wait until your oneplus nord mobile performs factory reset.

Once factory reset completes, you will see oneplus nord setup process again, go ahead and setup your oneplus nrod again and set your password on oneplus nord again.

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How to Recover the OnePlus Nord Forgot Password?

You can recover oneplus nord forgot password and unlock your phone again by performing factory reset method only. When you tap on forgot password it will prompt you that all data will be deleted including personal data, images, videos, files, wifi details and etc.  

Forgot oneplus Nord Password?

If you forgot oneplus nord password its highly recommended to try to enter correct pin by taking a bit time and remember your pin number and enter correct pin. Other wise performing forgot password for oneplus will erase all data, by performing factory reset only you can recover oneplus nord password.

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