Reset Amazon Fire tablet Lock screen Forgot Password or Parenting control Lock or pin

  • To reset amazon fire tablet lock screen forgot password option -> click on forgot password -> Login to your amazon account -> reset login pin or login password from here and regain access and unlock your amazon fire lock screen.
  • No need to perform factory Reset if you lost password of your amazon fire tablet hd.

If you have forgot password of your Amazon fire tablet lock screen or parenting control password or pin or if you have entered too many wrong options or incorrect password options then you can easily reset amazon fire lock screen by using forgot password option. Don’t worry you can recover and reset pin on amazon fire tablet without losing any data here. If your amazon fire tablet is black screen check this guide So, let’s see in details below how to reset both (lock screen and parenting control and this also works to reset pin as well).

Reset Amazon Fire Tablet Lock Screen or Patenting Control Password or Pin

Step 1: On your amazon fire lock screen password screen enter the last known or remembered pin or password.

Step 2: Once you enter the wrong password, a new screen will pop up asking you to reset password or try again after 30 seconds.

Step 3: Click on Reset password option on your amazon fire screen.

Step 4: Now, it will ask you to verify your account -> please sign into your amazon account to continue.

Step 5: Sign in with your amazon account with user name and password and tap on continue or ok on your screen or keyboard icons.

Step 6: Once you enter correct credentials and access your amazon account, it will prompt you to enter new pin or passcode or password.

Step 7: Enter 4 digit pin password and confirm the new password to set new password or lock screen pin on amazon fire tablet and tap on ok and continue.

Step 8: Now, you will be redirected back to your amazon fire tablet login screen and now enter the new password or pin which you have set and confirmed.

That’s it, one you enter new password and reset password by forgot password option you will be successfully login to your amazon fire tablet and this is how you reset amazon fire tablet or lock screen or password.

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Cant Reset Amazon Fire Tablet Lock Screen Password or Parenting Control Lock?

Make sure you have logged in to your amazon account which is linked with your amazon fire tablet and sometimes if your amazon fire tablet exceeds the no of wrong login attempts it may disable access to enter pin or reset password for 24 hrs or etc.

Do I Need to Factory Reset Amazon Fire Tablet HD if I Forgot Password?

No, factory reset is not recommended as this process gives you an option to reset your entire amazon fire tablet including wiping out all data and all user account login details and installed apps. Once you factory reset amazon fire tablet it will be like a brand new amazon fire tablet. You need to setup your fire tablet again from the scratch (beginning).

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