Spotify keep pausing songs on its own on iPhone

When you are playing music on Spotify and you are experiencing issues when playing Spotify and it keeps pausing songs on its own and stuck on songs then you need to make sure that you have turned on low power mode and data saver on spotify and other simple solutions easily.

Also make sure that you are connected to wifi network instead of mobile data and update spotify app to latest version to avoid software update issues and also clear cache and clear all data of spotify app if there are any corrupted cache related issues.

Why is my Spotify Pausing by itself on my iPhone?

You need to turn off low power mode and data saver and check wifi internet connection and due to corrupted cache or update issues spotify keeps pausing by itself.

Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing Songs on iPhone

Follow below simple solutions and turn off data saver and turn off low power mode and other simple methods to fix spotify music stuck or pausing issue on iphone.

Turn OFF Data Saver

Step 1: Open spotify app and tap on profile icon on top left corner

Step 2: Tap on Settings and Privacy

Step 3: Tap on Data Saver

Step 4: Toggle button next to data saver and turn off data saver on Spotify app.

Once you turn off data saver on your spotify app, then your issue of spotify keep pausing or gets stuck when playing music on spotify will be resolved.

Disconnect Spotify with Other Connected Apps

If you have connected a Spotify app with other apps like discord or Alexa or any other app then you will experience this issue of Spotify music keeps  pausing or keeps stopping on its own and you need to go to the connected Spotify app and disconnect it.

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Connect to WIFI instead of Mobile cellular data

If you are connected to mobile or cellular data on your iPhone then you need to turn off mobile data and connect to WIFI network and if there is poor mobile data connectivity issues then you will see music stopping when playing on Spotify.

Turn Off Low Power Mode

Step 1: First, Open settings -> Scroll down and Tap on Battery

Step 2: Toggle button next to Low Power mode and turn off low power mode.

If low power mode is turned on then you will have issues when playing Spotify music to consume data and save battery in low power mode on iPhone.

Clear Cache of Spotify App

If Spotify app cache or all data becomes heavy or bulky then you need to clear cache and clear all data of Spotify app and then play music on Spotify.

Uninstall and Reinstall

You need to uninstall Spotify from your device and reinstall Spotify app and then try to play songs on Spotify and check and your issues of Spotify will be fixed.

Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
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