Spotify Shareplay Not Working on iPhone 14, 13

  • Enable spotify share play on iphone -> Open settings -> Spotify -> Shareplay and enable shareplay and start spotify shareplay on iPhone 14, 13 on iOS 15, 16 or later.
  • Enable and disable spotify shareplay and Force Restart iphone and update iphone to latest version to fix spotify sharplay issues.

If you are trying to shareply sofity on iphone and you are unable to shareplay spotify or spotify sharpley not working on iphone then you can fix this issue of spotify shareplay not working easily on your own and enable shareplay for spotify and other simple methods and fix the issue and any issue with facetime shareplay not working as well. So, lets dive in deeper.

Spotify Shareplay Not Working on iPhone 14, 13

Spotify share play not working on iphone

Below iPhone share play troubleshooting methods will help you fix Spotify shareplay not working on iphone 14, 13, 12, 11 on iPhone iOS 14, 15, 16 or later.

Enable Spotify Share Play on iPhone

First, you need to enable spotify shareply on iPhone and start spotifu sharplay

  • Open settings on iPhone
  • Scroll down and tap on Spotify
  • Tap on Shareplay
  • Toggle the button next to shareplay and enable shareplay for spotify.

That;s it, this is how you enable spotify shareplay and start sharing spotfy playlist using shareplay on iPhone

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Force Restart your iPhone

If spotify shareplay is not working on iPhone 14, 13 you need to force restrat your iPhone and press volume up button and volume down button and press and hold power button until you see apple logo and wait for iphone to restart and then start spotify shareplay.

Connect to WIFI

If you are having wifi connectivity issues then you need to disable and enable wifi and connect again and turn on airplane mode and turn it off to fix any wifi network related issues.

Update iPhone to Latest iOS version

If you are using iphone iOS 14 or below then you need to update iphone to latest iOS 15, 16 or later version to get spotify shareplay on iphone.

  • Open settings 
  • General
  • Software update and check for new iOS version and download and install latest verison of iOS

Once you update iOS to latest version then your issue of iphone spotify shareplay not working will be resolved.

Disable and Enable Spotify Shareplay

  • Open settings -> Spotify
  • Tap on Shareplay and disable Shareplay.
  • Wait for few seconds and enable shareplay and check with spotify shareplay

Once you enable and disable spotify shareplay then any temporary glitch or software related issue will be resolved and your issue of spotify shareplay not working will be fixed.

Spotify Shareplay Not Available on iPhone

If you are not seeing spotify shareplay on iPhone then you are running older version of iOS 14 or below which doesnt support shareplay and you have to update iPhone to iPhone iOS 15 or later to use spotify shareplay that is the reason spotify shareplay not available on iPhone

Why is Spotify Shareplay Not Working on iPhone

If your spotify shareplay is not enabled or if you are not connected to wifi network or running older version of iOS then spotify shareplay will not work.

Can you SharePlay Spotify on FaceTime?

Yes! When you are facetime shareplay then go ahead and open spotify and play playlist and the playlist will be shared using shareplay on facetime.

Does spotify SharePlay work all iphones

Yes! Spotify shareplay works on all iPhone iOS devices which are running iPhone iOS 15 or later and on MacOS monterey or later versions.

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