Want to Know Why iPhone 14 Charge Slow?

If your iphone is charging slow and wondering what could be the reason then this can be an issue with charging cable or your iphone is running too many applications in background which is consuming more battery as soon as iPhone is charging or software application issue and due to apps as well. So, lets see in detail below.

First thing you need to check is brightness of your iphone is set to max or not and if it is set to max then you need to decrease brightness and stop all applications running in background.

Why iPhone 14 charging slow all of sudden?

Here are the basic and simple reasons why your iphone is charging slow all of sudden.

Corrupted or Malware Apps Installed?

If you have recently installed any apps which are outside apple app store or the installed app from apple store is consuming more battery when you iphoen is charging, Kill all apps running in background and dont use iphone when it is charing and see.

Uninstall Newly Installed Apps on iPhone

If you have installed any new application on your iphone then you need to uninstall the app and then charge your iphoen and check if your iphone is charing slow or fast and if iphoen is charing normally as it should be then you need to avoid those kind of applications which eats more battery.

Stop Applications Running in Background

If there are too many applications running in background then this will also result in charing slow when you charge your iphhoen and you need to stop all apps running in background like maps, ride apps or any apps which is using your location services and tracking apps and any games apps running in background as well and stop all apps and charge your iphone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 or any other iphone.

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Reduce Brightness of your iPhone 14

If you have set your iphone brightness to high then this will consume more battery and drain your battery and you need to decrease brightness and then charge your iphone 15, 14, 13, and charge your iphone.

Change Charging Port

You need to change charging port and charge your iphone, sometimes there may be an issue with iphone charging cable as well and this will result in slow charing of iphoen when you keep your iphone charging.

If possible try charging your iphone with different charging cable and see and if problem resolves then buy a new charing cable.

Is your iphone overheating?

If your iphone is overheating when you are charging your iphhone then iphone will stop charging to avoid overheating and you need to contact apple service center in this case.

Contact Apple Support

If you are having still same problem then you need to contact near by apple service center and ask them to look in to it.

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