Facetime Shareplay not Working

How to fix Facetime Shareplay not Working or Not Showing on iPhone 13 / iPad

  • To fix facetime shareplay not working or not showing on iPhone 13 you need to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 15 cause it works only on iOS 15.
  • Make sure shareplay is enabled in facetime and also apple music and apple tv as well.
  • Restart your iPhone and reset all settings and change country or region on your iPhone or shareplaying or facetime (both devices).

On your iPhone 13  or your iPad, if you are using facetime on your iPhone iOS 15 and having issues with shareplay not showing or facetime shareplay not working then you need to change few settings and follow iPhone iOS 15 troubleshooting guide will help you fix facetime shareplay issue on iPhone 13 and before that you need to make sure that the shareplay option is enabled on facetime on your iPhone 13 or not and also enable facetime enabled for apple music and apple tv. So, let’s see in detail below.

Fix Facetime Shareplay Not Working or Not Showing on iPhone 13

Follow below methods and solutions to fix facetime shareplay not working on iPhone 13 will resolve the issue.

Restart your iPhone

Most of the time by performing a simple restart method can fix this issue of facetime shareplay not working on iphone 13.

Step 1: Press and hold the volume up and down button once 

Step 2: After that, Press and hold the side button until you see apple logo on your screen.

Now, you need to wait until your iPhone 13 restarts. 

Update your iPhone Software

Shareplay works only your iOS 15 so you need to update your software to latest version of iOS

Step 1: Open settings on your iPhone 13

Step 2: Select General

Step 3: Tap on Software Update and check for updates and the new iOS 15 version is available to download and install.

Step 4: Now, tap on download and install and wait for your iPhone to install the latest version of iOS 15. 

Once your iPhone 13 gets updated with the latest version of iOS then go ahead and check with your facetime shareplay working or not, once you update your iPhone you will not face any issue like facetime shareplay not working or not showing on your iPhone 13.

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Reset All Settings on iPhone 13

Step 1: Launch Settings on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap on General -> Tap on Reset -> Reset All settings

Step 3:  Enter your lock screen passcode and enter screen time password.

Step 4: Now, confirm reset all settings in popup box and wait for your iPhone to reset all settings.

That’s it, once you reset all settings your issue with facetime shareplay not working on iPhone 13 or Not showing on iPhone 13 will be resolved and fixed successfully.

Change the Country or Region on Your iPhone 13

You can try changing your country and region on your iPhone 13 because few iPhone work in a few countries and regions, so make sure both the devices are in the same region and same country.

Step 1: Go to your App Store and tap on profile picture

Step 2: Change the profile name from here.

Step 3: Now scroll down and tap on country and region -> Select Change Country or region

Step 4: Now, Select the region you want and choose agree terms and conditions.

Step 5: In Payment method select None and enter billing name and billing address and click on next option.

That’s it, once you change country or region then go ahead check with your facetime share play working or not showing on iPhone 13.