How to Fix Downloaded apps Not Showing on iPhone iOS 15

How to Fix Downloaded apps Not Showing on iPhone iOS 15

  • To fix downloaded apps not showing on iPhone (iOS 15) you need to move the place for newly downloaded apps from apps library to home screen and reset all settings.

If you have updated your iPhone to the latest ios version iOS 15 and you have downloaded apps from apple store and installed them but you downloaded apps not showing on iPhone then you need to follow these simple troubleshooting methods to fix downloaded apps not showing issues on iPhone ios 15 version. Let’s see in detail below.

Fix Downloaded Apps Not Showing on iPhone iOS 15 version

It can be any iphone 13, 12, 11 13 pro, 11 pro max or any, just follow these simple iphone iOS 15 version troubleshooting methods to get your downloaded apps show on iPhone downloaded from apple store.

Solution 1: Select the place for newly downloaded apps

Step 1: First launch settings app on your iphone

Step 2: Then scroll down to home screen and tap it

Step 3  Now add to home screen

Step 4: Here after,downloaded apps will be placed on home screen

Step 5: But previously downloaded apps will be available only in the app library after changing the option, you need to move them to the home screen.

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How to move previously downloaded apps from app library to home screen  

Step 1: Swipe the screen from right to left until you get the app library

Step 2: Now tap on the search field and enter the app name that you want to move

Step 3: Hold down the app icon until the option menu appears 

Step 4: Here select add to home screen, now you can see the app on your iphone home screen.

On the iPhone, we have an option to select the place for newly downloaded apps on home screen. if you select app library only then the downloaded apps will be only available in the app library.

Now download an app from the app store and make sure that it is showing on the home screen. If the problem still continues ,move on to the next solution.

Reset all settings

Step 1:first open the settings app on your iphone 

Step 2:here tap general -> tap on reset

Step 3: Now, tap on reset all settings -> enter screen time passcode & password and confirm reset all settings in popup box.

Step 4: Now, You need to wait until your iphone resets all settings and wait until your iphone restarts.

Once your iphone restarts you need to wait until you connect your iphone to your wifi internet connection and download app from app store. Now you can see downloaded apps from app store on your iPhone home screen and your issue of downloaded apps not showing on iphone will be resolved successfully.