iPhone Shared Album Not Showing All Photos

How to Fix iPhone Shared Album Not Showing All Photos

  • To fix iPhone shared albums not showing in all photos then you need to turn off and turn on shared albums and turn off lower power mode on your iPhone.
  • Reset network settings and connect to your wifi and improve internet connectivity on iPhone and signout and sign in back to your iCloud account.
  • Check for updates on your iPhone and update the iPhone to the latest version.

When you are trying to share album it is not working or a shared album is not showing in all photos on your iPhone then you can get back your shared album not working easily by following these simple steps.

Many iPhone users reported this issue with they can’t share photos or videos in shared albums and it can be a video or photo if you have not enabled shared album in iCloud photos settings then you cant see shared album and shared album will not show on all photos, so make sure you have turned on shared album in iCloud photos settings.

How to Fix iPhone Shared Album Not Showing All Photos

Follow below iphone troubleshooting methods and fix this shared album not working on iPhone or can’t share photo albums on iPhone issue.

Turn OFF and Turn ON Shared Albums

Step 1: Open Settings App

Step 2: Tap on Apple iD Name

Step 3: Now, tap on iCloud -> Tap on Photos

Step 4: Turn off shared album and also turn off iCloud Photos and wait for a few minutes and then turn on iCloud photos and then turn on shared albums.

Once you enable and disabled shared album and iCloud photos on your iPhone then go ahead and check now, you will be able to see the shared album in all photos and you will be able to share photos or videos from shared albums.

Sign out of iCloud and Sign In Back

Step 1: Open settings on iPhone -> Tap on Apple ID name or Banner id

Step 2: Tap on Sign out and enter apple id password and turn off find my phone.

Step 3: Keep a copy of your data if you want and then sign out of iCloud.

Step 4: Now, wait for some time and then sign in back to your iCloud.

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Turn Off Low Power Mode

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and Open settings app -> Tap on Battery

Step 2: Turn off lower power mode by toggle the button next to it.

If you turn on low power mode then few features will not work as it disables complicated or more consuming battery functions when power mode is on.

Restart your iPhone

Step 1: Open settings -> Tap on General

Step 2: Now, scroll down and tap on shutdown and drag slide to power off.

Step 3: wait for 10 to 15 seconds and then turn on your iPhone.

Reset Network Settings

If you are having network issues on your iPhone then few functions may not work if you are using vpn network then turn vpn as well which can improve slow internet or any other internet connectivity issues on your iPhone.

Step 1: Tap on settings -> General -> Scroll down and tap on reset

Step 2: Now. select reset network settings

Step 3: Confirm in pop up message and wait for your iPhone to reset network settings.

Check for Software Update

Step 1: Launc settings app -> tap on General

Step 2: Tap on Software Update and check for updates on your iPhone.

Step 3: if new version of iOS is available then go ahead and download and install latest iOS 14 version and your issue of shared album not showing on all photos will be working fine.