How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Terms and Conditions Updating iOS

  • To fix iPhone stuck on terms and conditions while updating the iPhone to the latest iOS version go ahead and force restart iPhone, sign out of apple id and sign in again.
  • Quick fix – Refresh airplane mode, reset network settings, hard reset iPhone and wait for 30 seconds and turn on and try to update iPhone and get rid of iPhone freezes or stuck on terms and conditions page when updating.

On your iPhone when you are trying to update it to the latest iPhone iOS version you are getting an error and when you try to accept terms and conditions it freezes or you may also experience errors like iPhone stuck on location services, stuck on apple logo(iphone 13),stuck on settings, stuck on boot loop(DFU Mode), recovery mode etc . Then you need to sign out of icloud and restart your iPhone and follow other methods to fix the iphone stuck issue.

Fix iPhone Stuck on Terms and Conditions

Below are troubleshooting methods to fix iphone stuck on terms and conditions.

Refresh Airplane Mode

You need to refresh airplane mode to see if you receive an error or not.

Step 1: Settings -> Airplane mode -> turn on Airplane mode

Step 2: Now, you need to wait for 60 seconds and turn off airplane mode and try to update the iPhone.

Sign Out of Apple ID and Sign in

To get rid of this terms and conditions you need to sign out once and sign in again will help you fix this error.

Step 1: Launch settings app -> Tap on Apple profile ID

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Shut down and enter apple ID password and turn off.

Step 3: You need to select the data that you want to keep (backup) and tap  on signout by confirming on popup box.

Step 4: Now, you need to go back to home screen -> force close apps

That’s it, once you force close the app and sign out of apple id go ahead and try to install update and you will not be receiving any issue of iPhone stuck on terms and conditions.

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Set Data and Time to Automatic

If you receive any unexpected error you need to refresh airplane mode, force restart, and set data and time to automatic methods will help you fix issues – Quick fixes

Step 1: Open settings app -> General -> Date and Time

Step 2: You need to turn on Data and time set to automatic

Once you change these settings you need to restart your phone to make changes affect.

Reset Network Settings

Sometimes there may be an issue with network settings on your iPhone as well which prevents them to update iphone and you may face this issue of iphone stuck on term and conditions page. 

Step 1: Launch settings app -> tap on General

Step 2: Scroll down -> tap on Reset

Step 3: Now, tap on reset network settings and enter your apple password and screen time password

Step 4: Confirm reset network settings by tapping on Yes.

Now, you need to wait until the reset network settings process completes.

That’s it, once you follow all the above mentioned effects you need to try to update your iphone to the latest version and you will be able to tap on agree button in terms and conditions page on your iPhone successfully without any issue.

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