iPhone Alarm Snooze on Standby Mode not Working After updating ios 17


After updating iPhone to latest iOS version iOS 16 or iOS 17 or later and when you use stand by mode iPhone and standby mode alarm snooze option is not working after updating iPhone then you can easily fix alarm snooze option not working on standby mode after updating issue easily. 

iPhone users who have updated iPhone 13, 14, 15 to the latest iOS 17 version have experienced this issue and posted on apple forum regarding the issue that they are currently experiencing on standby mode option.

What’s the Issue with Standby Mode Snooze Button Not Working?

If iPhone with iOS 17 version is set on standby mode and when you receive an alarm snooze option will be shown and if iphone snooze button is not at all showing or snooze button is not working when iphone is on standby mode then its very frustrating and irritating situation.

To snooze alarm or stop alarm when your iphone is on standby mode, you need to get out of standby mode and turn off alarm and disable standby mode on iPhone but this is not how standby mode snooze button should work and disabling is not the option and wait for apple to release a fix standby mode snooze button not working issue.

What to Do if Alarm Snooze Not Working in Standby Mode After Updating to  iOS 17

If the snooze button is not working on standby mode when you get an alarm when standby mode is enabled and the iphone is on standby mode then you need to wait for apple to release a new update with a fix.

Or you can try disabling standby mode temporarily until Apple releases a fix with the iphone snooze button not working on the iPhone who updated their iphone to the latest version of iOS 17.

Try Restarting iPhone

You can try restarting your iPhone and pressing the volume up button and then the volume down button and press side button and drag slider to off and wait for the iphone to restart. After restarting iphone check with standby mode snooze is working or not.

Sometimes, if you simply restart your iphone, it can fix any minor technical or software glitches which can fix the snooze button not working on standby mode.

Force Restart iPhone

Force restarting your iPhone can also fix minor software or technical glitches and after force restarting the iphone check with the snooze button working in standby mode when the alarm is set and check if the snooze button is working or not.

Update iPhone to Latest iOS 17 Version

Once apple releases a new version with fix -> Go to Settings -> General -> Software update and download and install new iOS 17 or later version and snooze button not working when iPhone is on standby mode issue will be resolved.

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