White Screen Boot Loop Stuck on iPhone (DFU Mode)


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iPhone issues

There are lots of soft issues we might face on our iPhone like  iPhone Fries Stuck iPhone  Recovery Mode, DFU Mode, iPhone Boot Loop or any other iOS malfunctions.

White Screen Boot Loop Stuck on iPhone

Fix White screen Boot Loop stuck in Recovery mode or DFU Mode

USE iTunes

Use iTunes by connecting iPhone to your system put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore in those process you will lose your data as it will set your iPhone as a new device. Many times this process gives you various errors also.

VD - Disabled


  Use Doctor phone iOS system repair software. Download the Software.once downloaded install it and open. Under iOS repair. There are two modes of repair Standard mode in advanced mode

The standard mode retains your data while the advanced mode erases your data. Resulting in data loss so it’s recommended to use the advanced mode. Only if the repair has failed in Standard mode.

 Let’s go in the Standard mode connect the device you want to repair it should detect its model and iOS version automatically.

Click on start to proceed for the repairing process its automated algorithm repairs the device by downloading the iPhone firmware. And that’s how doctor iPhone can repair most of the iOS issues try it by downloading for free.

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