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How to Use Apple Pay at Walmart

Apple pay is not supported on Walmart and it does not support apple pay on Walmart or you can use apple pay to buy something on Walmart and you will not be able to use apple pay at Walmart. If you are able to add apple pay card details and pay using apple pay and its simple and easy and make payment via apple pay at Walmart.

When you go to checkout page on your Walmart account and on your iPhone if you see apple pay payment method then you will be able to add make payment using apple pay but apple pay is not allowed on walmart till date and you can make payment using PayPal, credit card, other payment methods which are allowed.

Why is Apple Pay Not Allowed at Walmart?

Walmart is developing its own payment gateway and they have walmart wallet and don’t want to use apple pay on walmart and there are few other business reasons as well.

Use Apple Pay at Walmart

Follow below simple steps and if you get apple pay or able to add your apple pay then use apple pay at walmart.

Step 1: Open walmart app on iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Account section on bottom menu

Step 3: Now, scroll down and Tap on Wallet

Step 4: Now, you will see different kinds of payment gateways here and like paypal, credit or net banking and other payment options.

Step 5: If you are able to add apple pay and if you are seeing apple pay option here then fill in with apple pay details and make payment using apple pay.

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Purchases at Walmart Using Apple Pay

If you want to purchase something on walmart using apple pay then first you need to add apple pay card details and once you add apple pay details and save it on walmart then whenever you want to make a purchase then make payment using apple pay.

Step 1: Add walmart product to cart and go to checkout page.

Step 2: Use self checkout and when payment checkout appears -> Select Walmart pay Card

Step 3: Now, you will see qr code here and scan the qr code and select the card that you want to make payment and in thai case if you have added apple pay card then select apple pay and make payment if it appears.

Can I use Apple Pay on Walmart?

No! Walmart doesn’t take apple pay payments on iPhone and if you can add apple pay card details then you will be able to make payments using apple pay.

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