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Why Should You Buy Apple Homepod

Apple homepod is one of the best sounding wireless smart speaker and you can control it by Apple virtual voice assistant, “Siri”. By using voice assistants you can give voice commands to perform various task and play music.

Compared to Amazon echo, Apple homepod is some cheaper and these smart speaker exclusively designed for Apple users. These apple homepod speaker can play various Indian songs. 

Design and Specification

Apple homepod is beautifully designed other than apple product and it is cylindrical shape, mesh fabric covering makes look an attractive product of hardware even not in use.

The speaker is near to 172mm and 142 mm wide, which you can place it on shelf, TV stand or table in your living room or bedroom.

High Quality Speaker

According to Present digital review trends apple homepod has brilliant Sound. So, if you purchase these speaker and investment in your home for stereo system then make it sense.

It powerful woofer provide heavy bass and for this seven speaker are arranged  in a ring. With this setup it can sound in Any direction.

Even Homepod can detect whether it is near a wall or any other item blocking its sound. In these situations, it adjusts itself the direction of sound and makes much better sound balance.

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Cheaper than Google Home

One of the best sound smart speaker is google home max, if top sound quality is what you are going for, then you can actually save $50 for homepod, since google home max is $399.

Apple Ecosystem Integration

Homepod can easily control smart home devices with just your voice command. The same way you control home kit devices like locks, light, sensors with Siri from your iPhone or IPod.

Homepod also acts as Home kit hub even you are away from home and only originals Homepod can connect to Apple TV.

Note: price will not become a matter if you are truly interested in homepod. So, there are some reasons why it may be worth cost for you.

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Vangari Divya
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