Amazon Eero VS Google WI-FI

  • When it comes to the best and differences it is good and better to go with amazon Eero than google wifi with advanced features of amazon eero true mesh technology and doesn’t drop offs wifi signal while streaming games or movies and other streaming with amazon Eero.

When we use first Home computers connected to the internet then it was just a modem. With the invent of wifi network multiple computer can connect as long as they are within the range of wifi routers. As it increases, internet signals becomes slow while streaming any shows on streaming devices like Amazon prime, Netflix etc., due to some picture quality.

To overcome those issues we can use mesh networks, rather than one Router. Devices like tablets, Laptops, gaming systems which are connected to next until it reaches the main wifi Router.

Google wifi and Eero are at top for mesh wifi network competition because each offers similar capabilities.

Amazon Eero supports alexa and easily expands with your system and cross compatibility hardware and add with your eero products and will not let your wifi slow down while streaming game, movies, etc with a true mesh technology and avoids buffering and dropoffs.

Why Google WIFI is Better

Google wifi is one of the famous well known companies in the world along with their products. It has received stellar reviews since it debut. Google wifi offers $100 to $129 for single pack, savings almost covers 33% of a single pack  and It covers 1500 square feet. $299 for three packs and it covers 4500 for square feet.

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Setup Google WIFI System

Step 1: Connect power outlet to google wifi router and connect internet router to an ethernet cable.

Step 2: Use google wifi app on Apple iOS or android and sign into your google account.

Step 3: For using google wifi app, scan QR code of router.

Step 4: Locate the device based on where it is used like living room, home office etc. 

Step 5: Create new wifi network where you can setup your new wifi network.

Step 6: Using single router, won’t have much great range than a wifi system. So, just replace one wifi router with the google.

So, that google wifi system shines more when one mesh device is added in. Every Google wifi increases the  range of total network.

Amazon Eero WIFI

Eero is similar to that of google wifi process, but there are only some differences. Eero’s primary offering is $299 for 1 Eero and 1 Eero beacon with extend network or users can pay $18 for a month or 24 months with down payment. It offers around 2000 square feet coverage.

Google wifi can bring its own cable modem or other internet router. Eero has other offering that keep everyone into one bundle for $546 that include;

Eero home system along with 1Eero and 2 Eero beacons 

2years of Eero plus along with including security feature. 

Setting up of Eero is exactly same as google wifi

  • First, you have to install Eero application to an android or IOS device.
  • Then set number of floor and total square feet of location.
  • Connect ethernet cable to internet router and Eero to the power plug.
  • Now, register Eero with app. Then app automatically detect the Eero, through the units serial number.
  • Set the location of Eero like kitchen, hall etc.
  • Create wifi network along with SSID and password.
  • Add additional devices by connecting them to power and use the Eero app to find them.

The above differences of both google wifi and Eero offer reliable mesh network and also have easy instructions to follow that require for Android or Apple device.

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