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How to Access Facebook on Smart TV

  • To Access facebook on smart tv you need to navigate to -> My Apps section and find facebook watch app and click on it to access facebook app on smart tv.
  • If you can’t find facebook watch app then you need to download and install it on your smart tv using google play store.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms where you can connect with your friends and people around you. And you can share status, any videos, photos and playing games online with friends. It is a platform to follow artists, companies, brands etc., for the latest news, live videos etc. 

Not only on smartphones you can access your Facebook on smart TV. With developing technology you can access it on smart TVs no matter what the version is and some manufacturers like Samsung have integrated “Facebook Smart TV app” as in built feature for TVs. 

Other Smart TVs have the “Facebook watch app” and are available for download. If your smart TV don’t have any Facebook app, then you can download it from your TVs “App storeor “library”.

Download Facebook on Smart TV

Follow the below steps to download Facebook on smart TV:

Step 1: Switch on your Smart TV and open “App store”. Then download the “Facebook watch TV app”.

Step 2: After download and installation open Facebook  watch TV app. Tap on login, then click on “continue”.

Step 3: Then your screen will show a “8 digit code”. You will need this code to “continue”.

Step 4: On your mobile or computer, go to  and enter 8 digit code. Click on continue.

Step 5: After a moment, watch App will “refresh”. Now you can “setup” and ready to watch videos.

How to install Facebook on smart tv

You need to navigate to your -> Settings -> App store section on your smart tv and search for facebook app or facebook watch app and download andclick on  install it on your smart tv.

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Does facebook app or facebook watch come’s inbuilt

On Few of the smart tv’s facebook app comes inbuilt and if you cant find facebook app then you need to search in play store and install it form there.

How to watch FaceBook live on smart tv?

You can directly open facebook watch live app on your smart tv and start streaming facebook watch live streaming and you can also screen mirror your Phone to Smart tv to mirror your mobile screen to smart tv or you can use inbuilt chromecast option or other screen mirroring apps like anyview, apowermirror etc to watch facebook live on smart tv.

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