What is Anyview Cast and How to Use Anyview APP

What is Anyview Cast:

Anyview cast is a modern tv support which is designed to work on almost all TVs and is a way to connect to device wirelessly and it also uses your wifi connection and helps you to connect your devices to smart tv, laptop or large screens and stream content from mobile to your smart tv or laptop to smart tv. With anyview cast you can connect your mac to smart tv and screen mirror your screens on other device. AnyView cast allows you to share videos, family photos, watch tv shows on your smart tv.

Anyview cast is an application that enables you to share or cast a video, audio, or photos or images, from your android and iOS apple based device to a smart tv and also to mirror content from your tablet or phone to large screen devices.

How to use Anyview Cast

Step 1: Download Anyview cast on your Smart tv by visiting apps section.

Step 2: Once anyview app is installed go ahead and open it on your smart tv.

Step 3: Now install Anyview app on your iphone or android from which you want to stream content on your smart tv.

Step 4: Open anyview cast on your mobile to stream content on your smart tv and follow on screen instructions.

Step 5: Select Start screen mirroring option -> Select your smart tv -> Enter code and confirm.

Note: you need to download anyview cast on both devices to cast or stream content.

That’s it, once you complete all the above steps successfully. You will be able to stream content or cast your content to your smart tv using Anyview cast application successfully.

How Does Anyview Cast Work?

Anyview cast enable extended functionality on your devices and take advantage of technology using your wifi connection (internet) and share content on your smart tvs, laptop, Android, iPhone, tablet. Any view cast helps you to stream and mirror content on any other devices.

Anyview cast on Smart tv’s?

Anyview cast is available on all smart tv’s like anyview cast hisense, anyview app iphone, anyview cast sharp tv, anyview cast roku, anyview cast devant, anyview cast sony, anyview cast samsun, anyview cast forlaptop windows, anyview cast for mac and anyview cast playstore, anyview cast on vu tv and all other smart tvs.

Does Anyview cast supports Apple?

Yes ! Anyview cast app is also available on Apple store and you can connect your iphone to smart tv using anyview app or airplay easily and stream content and cast it on to your smart tv.

Anyview cast for Android:

Anyview cast for android is available on google play store so that you can download it on your android mobile phone and start screen mirroring and share content on your smart tv.

Anyview for Apple IOS:

Anyview cast is also available on iphone as well. It is a free software which helps you to share content on your smart tv and you can download it from apple store.

Does ANYVIEW Cast uses wifi?

Yes ! Anyview cast uses wifi internet connection to cast your mobile(apple or android) to your smart tv, laptop to mobile, laptop to Any Smart tv.

Do I need to install Anyview on Laptop and Smart tv?

Yes! to stream and cast content from your mobile to Smart tv or any other you need to install anyview application on both the devices.

Can I Mirror from iPhone to Hisense smart tv?

Yes! By using Anyview cast app you can easily mirror your iphone screen and cast iphone to hisense smart tv.

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