How to Cast Disney Plus on Apple tv

  • To Cast Disney plus on Apple tv you need to download any screen mirrors application on your mobile and login to your Disney plus Hotstar and tap on Screen Mirror icon and it will start casting Disney plus on apple tv.
  • You can use mirror meister to cast disney plus on Apple tv.

Disney plus, is a video on-demand service from Walt Disney company, it was launched in 2019, the app quickly became favourite of all generations including children and adults after it’s launch. And you can easily enjoy Disney original series, movies on android smart devices and Apple devices, at present disney plus providing many options from your television set.  If you have an apple tv, it become more enjoyable to watch your favourite movies and original series. So, here are some quick steps. 

Disney Plus on Apple tv

First we need to subscribe with Disney plus. They charge $7.99 per month or $79.99 per annum. So here are some steps.

Step 1: First go to Apple tv home screen and find app store 

Step 2: Next, in the search bar type Disney plus and click on get button in order to download and install.

Step 3: After finished installation, go back to Apple tv home screen

Step 4: Now open the app and sign in with your Disney account credentials

Step 5: After completing signin, now pick  a movie or original series

Screen Mirroring with Mirror Meister

This technology is more compatible with most popular TV brands  including  sony ,Apple, Samsung and more. Streaming devices like chrome cast, Roku and Amazon fire tv.  It also support 816 modem tv models. Follow the below steps and enjoy content by using mirror meister.

Step 1: First download mirror meister app on your MAC by tapping on download button

Step 2: Now connect your smart tv and MAC to same network

Step 3: Next open mirror meister and choose your Tv, then press start mirroring 

Step 4: Now start streaming by Disney plus by following steps 

Step 5: Firstly, open Firefox or open chrome 

Step 6: Now login with your directly account and start watching your favorite contents

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Why Disney plus isn’t mirroring in Apple tv

Due to firewall settings you at get some problems while casting Disney plus to Apple tv. To overcome this we need to allow the incoming mirroring connection for casting content to Apple tv. If you have a problem then follow the below steps.

Step 1: First go to system preferences

Step 2: Now select security & privacy

Step 3: Tap on firewall and choose firewall option

Step 4: Now uncheck the box

Step 5: Finally, check the box next to automatically allow software to receive income connection.

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