How to set up apple music app on Samsung smart tv?

Fix Apple tv App not working on Samsung Smart tv?

If your apple tv is not working on Samsung smart tv then there are powerful and easy steps to fix this apple tv app issues on Samsung smart tv like no video on amazon prime, so, lets see them in detail below

Common problems of Apple tv APP Not working on Samsung Smart tv:

  • Stuck at welcome screen
  • App crashes frequently
  • Buffering problem
  • Blank screen
  • App Gray screen
Apple tv app not working on samsung smart tv

Apple tv App not working on Samsung Smart tv:

Step 1: Press and hold back arrow button which will take you to Samsung smart hub.

Step 2: Now, choose the app again to re-launch

Info: Once you relaunch the app, go ahead and check the issue is resolved or not.

Hold down the power button:

Step 1: Grab your remote and hold down power button until your tv turns off.

Step 2: Once you Samsung smart tv turns on, go ahead and check the issues is resolve or not.

Unplugging Method to fix Apple tv Not working on Samsung Smart tv Power reset?

Step 1: Keep your tv power turn on and unplug the AC Power plug from wall.

Step 2: Hold the power button of the tv of remote for 30 seconds and while the tv is on unplug from wall.

Step 3: wait for 2 to 3 minutes and plug back the tv and turn it back on.

Step 4: Go to the apple tv app and it should be working fine now.

Reboot your router:

If you are connected to to internet and seems like apps aren’t working fine as expected then there will be a possibility of problem lie within you network hardware.

Step 1: Unplug both router and modem and wait for 30 secomds

Step 2: Plug the modem back and wait for 60 seconds

Step 3: Plug the router back in and wait for 1 minutes or 2 minutes.

Step 4: Go ahead and turn on your Samsung smart tv to see if apple tv app is working fine or not.

Update Apple tv Application:

Sometimes updating apple tv app will be resolving this issue, so if there is any update available go ahead and update apple tv app.

Clear Cache memory on Samsung Smart tv

Clearing cache memory and clearing application data will also resolve this issue of apple tv not working on Samsung smart tv, some times due to cache issue apple tv app will not be responding as expected. So go ahead to your application section -> manage install apps ->Select application and clear cache and also clear data and browsing data as well

Change DNS settings

Step 1: Press menu on your remote and select network and press ok on it.

Step 2: Select network status -> Select Ip settings->Select Dns Settings.

Step 3: Select enter manually -> and input your DNS address here.

Step 4: Primary DNS : and Secondary DNS to :

Changing DNS settings on Samsung smart tv will almost fix issues of apple tv app not working issues.

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Reset tv to default settings:

Step 1: Press menu button on remote

Step 2: Click on settings->support

Step 3: Select the self diagnosis option and then highlight and click the reset button.

Step 4: Reset button ->enter the pin (0000) default pin.

Step 5: Your Samsung smart tv will reset to default and will turn off and turn on.

Once the tv is turn on your Samsung smart tv is reset to default, now go ahead and check apple tv app is working fine without any issues.

Correct time of your Samsung Smart tv

Some times there may be issue with time set on your Samsung smart tv, so check whether the time on your tv is correct or not and to correct time follow below steps.

Step 1: open settings->System->Select timer->then click on Clock

Step 2: Check your time is set correct or not (as per your location).

Step 3: Once you correct time go ahead and check apple tv issue is resolved or not.

Update Samsung Smart tv software

You should always keep your Samsung smart tv up to date or else few of the applications will not work due to apps compatibility apps may not respond as expected and keeps on crashing and showing blank screen and etc.

Step 1: Navigate to settings->Support->Software update

Step 2: Select update now and see if any updates are available, if updates are available go ahead and download updates and install on your Samsung smart tv.

Step 3: Please do not turn off your pc while Samsung smart tv is updating your software.

Once, update is finished, your Samsung smart tv will reboot and turn on and go ahead and check with apple tv app is working fine or not.

Device Compatibility issues?

Step 1: Power cycle and turn off and turn on

Step 2: Check for your device is compatible with apple tv app

Step 3: Navigate to your devices firmware settings page and check for updates

Step 4: try deleting and reinstalling the app from your Samsung smart tv

Step 5: try logging in again with same details on different compatible device

Some of the more apple tv issues you may experience

  1. App error /crashing
  2. Audio and visual problems
  3. Blank or frozen home screen

And to fix these kind of issues and many others try simply restarting your device and power reset or unplugging power cable will solve issues quickly.

Why is my apple tv app not working on Samsung Smart tv?

This can be due to many reasons, like technical glitch or software update, app cache issues and many more,

Fix apple tv app not working on Samsung tv?

There are several methods to fix this issue, like power rest, unplug power cords of router modem, software update of Samsung smart tv, setting correct time on your smart tv, reset tv to default.