Again Google indexing issue with News Content on September 29th 2020

Google has recently indexing issue bug with only news content not indexing and it was noted and google is working on resolving this issue and it was identified around 4pm PT and was updated by google searchliaison on twitter letting users know about the indexing issue bug.

29th September Google indexing issue with news content?

Yes! Its confirmed by searchliaison, google is facing issues indexing news content. Google is having issues with indexing and engineers have notified and will update regarding that issue and will be resolved soon.

Click here to see official confirmation By Google:

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Why google have indexing issues?

Google rolls around 200 algorithms daily, sometimes few technical issues will arise and breaks indexing which leads to indexing issues of fresh content or bug or reporting delay in search console or anything that’s purely technical.

News Content is not indexing all of sudden or google stopped indexing?

If you are experiencing indexing issues with news content getting indexed in google search even though submitting it in search console and request indexing and generating sitemap and still google is not indexing your pages, don’t worry there is a bug or google is facing indexing issues on 29th September.

If you are seeing your content not indexing not part of news or blog pages, AMP pages or mobile pages, then no need to worry, google will index them if google things the content is worthy for users and not spammy cause google doesn’t spammy content anymore.

Does Google is having too many Indexing issues in 2020?

Yes! Since Last one year google doesn’t have any indexing issues or bugs, since last mid 2019 google is having indexing issues and resolving them as soon as possible.

What to do if google is not indexing pages?

No need to panic, Make sure you are not blocking google bot via no index tag, update or refresh your sitemap, use search console url inspection tool and debug the pages, check with live url inspection tool for any errors and submit to request indexing again, if you have made any changes or if article is just published.

What you can do if there is indexing issue with Google?

You can do several things if google is facing indexing issue and trigger google to crawl the page and index and perform a live url test and request indexing and wait for few hrs till google index. If still google not indexing even you perform request indexing, then you need to submit sitemap and wait till google indexes.

Does Google has indexing issue with only news content?

Google says, it has identified issue with indexing news content only, as of now there is nothing said by google searchliaison regarding indexing issue with normal pages as well.

What users saying regarding indexing news content issue?

Few of them are seeing indexing issue with not only news content but also non-news content and few of them are seeing decrease or indexing issue with AMP pages, mobile pages since last week.

Why google is having indexing issues?

Google is constantly working on improving google search and google updates algorithm to make necessary changes, and during making things better sometimes they fireback and having indexing issues.

When was previously google having indexing issue?

On June 3rd google had issues with indexing which caused stale search results in some cases and resolved it.

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