Is internal linking good for SEO?

Yes! Internal linking are anchor links and is good for SEO and there are many reasons how internal linking helps ranking your page in google search and internal linking not only is good for ranking but it also helps users of your website to navigate from one page to another page using internal links which increases your website page views more and more. That is why internal linking is good and some times too many internal links may also affect your SEO strategy as well, if you optimize your page by internal linking too many pages on one article. So, lets see in detail how internal linking is good for SEO and how it helps users and how google bot sees internal links on your page in detail below.

Yes! Broken internal links always hurts SEO and will lead in dropping your page from top to bottom in google search. It is always recommended to check broken internal links, as it is not a good user experience and also for google bot to crawl a broken link as a internal link will reverse the internal linking good for SEO concept.

Is internal linking good for SEO?

Internal links are nothing but anchor links which and when google bot crawl a particular page it finds anchor links and navigate to another page and crawls that page and this is a process of google bot to crawl using internal links and ranks them accordingly in google search.

If there are plenty of internal links for example in one 100 words if you use 50 words having internal links to other pages of your website, then this seems to be spammy internal linking and it also depends of for which anchor link you are linking to, coz page value also comes to play here.

For ex: If you are linking to an article with anchor link which is unrelated to the particular page which is adding no value to the page or nothing to do with page with too many internal links, then this can be a problem and will affect your page to rank in google. As users will not be interested in clicking on anchor text internal link and which becomes unworthy of having internal link of particular anchor text.

How google bot sees internal linking good for SEO?

When google bot crawls a webpage it crawls only with anchor link and also checks with the anchor text as well and google bot and google algorithms is well aware of anchor link you link and the link you are pointing to is relevant to the page you are linking as well. Internal link also helps with adding page value as well, so internal linking is pretty good strategy for SEO to rank your page on website.

How internal linking is useful for Users?

Users on your website always look for more information you are providing, so if you provide internal link to a specific topic which you are talking about and telling users by giving internal linking to other page, then users will be interested in clicking on it and read more information.

Internal linking is not only for google bot to crawl and find the next page or relevant page, your website users also visit from one page to another by clicking on it and google analytics will track the click and adds weightage to that page (page rant).

Does internal linking helps google bot to crawl easily and more?

Short Answer : Yes, Internal linking helps google bot to crawl you website easily by proving internal linking and how more google bot crawls it will index those pages in google search. So, always make google bot to crawl your website easily and efficiently will make your page or website rank in google search.

Internal link strategy is will help you rank google search, if and only if you link to the page which is related to the particular page or else it can affect in a negative seo and will bounce back.

Changing internal linking on a Page affects SEO?

This is applied for all big websites, and many top seo will change internal linking from one keyword and provide internal link and after few days they will add other keyword and link to the respective page, this is a strategy to rank a particular page for a particular keyword and this strategy helps in ranking as well.

Duplicate internal linking affects SEO?

Yes ! Having duplicate internal links on a same page for same keyword will definitely affect your page to rank and even it may drop your PageRank as well. So, its always recommended to avoid duplicate internal linking.

Reason why duplicate internal linking affects SEO:

Users will not be able to read the same content provided by same anchor link on a same page. So, does even google bot sees the same, having duplicate internal link doesn’t add value to page but it adds value in a negative way and results in negative SEO internal linking.

Does internal linking good for SEO?

Yes! it is very important ranking factor as it helps users to navigate from one page to another to read more useful information present on your website.

Does internal linking helps google bot to crawl easily?

Yes ! Google Bot crawls using anchor links present on a page, and it helps google bot to crawl your website easily from page to page and index them accordingly in google search results.

How many internal links are too many on a page?

When it comes to internal links on a page, if you are having 300 words of article, then having internal links for 150 words, then is is too many internal linking page.

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