Does domain name extension helps in ranking like .jobs or keywords .jobs, .me, .xyz, .health?

There are plenty of domain name extensions available online like .jobs, .online .foods and so on and does buying those extension name keywords ranks in google or does .jobs domain extensions helps in ranking or does it play a role in ranking or gain any advantage in ranking in google SERP and Its very interesting to see domain name extension few of them or any of the domain name extensions are ranking good in google SERP, let’s see them in details below.

Does .jobs or any Extensions helps in Ranking:

Short Answer: NO ! TLD (top level domains doesn’t not matter ranking in google).

Google always says there is no advantage of regarding tldr or keyword in domain name doesn’t rank better as there are already many websites ranking for a specific keywords online, so there will be no advantage instantly or accordingly if you have a keyword in your domain name or domain name extension and there is much more will be going on in indexing and ranking like content, website architecture, URLs , unique and quality and many more according to google webmaster guidelines and quality Rated guidelines like authority of website and etc and explained briefly here regarding TLD and how google handles tlds

Does Having Keyword in domain name ranks Good in Google Search?

No! As per google officials, having keyword in your domain name doesn’t rank good or it will give you an advantage to rank better than other website. For example: if you search for something in google, the search results which are returned or displayed will not be having those keywords in their url or in their domain name and that is how google search is evovlved and google even stops looking  for meta keywords if you specify specific keywords and google ranks it algorithmically according to the content of the page and how unique your website is providing content and helping users solving their issues.

Does Domain extensions affect seo?

No ! Domain name extensions doesn’t affect SEO, having keyword in domain name only helps users to recognize your brand and there will be any ranking factor or advantage if you have keywords in your domain name or domain name extensions.

Does google considers TLDs and rank?

NO! Google will not consider TLDs and rank them accordingly, google doesn’t ranks only with the keyword. Google looks after 200 or more ranking factors and evaluate the content and checks with the unique content.

How important is your domain name with hyphens or extensions or keywords in domain:

Domain name or domain extension name or hyphens in domain or it may be keywords in domain are important in recognising your brand and it doesn’t affect your website ranking or influence in google search ranking.

What are Top level domain performance website?

On internet there are 5 top level domain occupied by many businesses and they are .com, .net, .gov, .org, .edu and these are categorised for each and later other domain name extensions was added like info, .online and etc. 

Does .BRAND TLD be given any more or less weight than a .com?

No! TLD are treated the same, google bot will crawl and index and rank them.

Does having keyword in domain name have advantage in SEO?

No! Google crawls all the websites same index them in google SERP.

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