Request Indexing tool is Back in Google Search Console

Previously google disabled request indexing tool in google search console due to technical issues asking publishers not to use request indexing tool too frequently for inclusion in search console. Even though request indexing is limited for a number of urls, there are plenty of request indexing requests via GSC and google recently had a technical issues which led to deindexing issues and bugs have been fixed.

Request Indexing tool is Back:

Now Google officially enable request indexing tool and suggesting webmasters to use sitemap files if you are having plenty of URLs to request indexing and request indexing doesn’t make any difference if you submit a url via request indexing twice and thrice.

Does Google crawls and index without using Request indexing tool?

If your website is having unique content and provides useful information then there is no need to use request indexing tool. Google will automatically crawl your website urls via sitemap files and crawl your website and index them accordingly as per the google algorithm and quality rater guidelines.

Do I Need to use Request Indexing tool?

Yes! and No! If you have made few changes on your webpage and you want to tell google about the changes then you can use request indexing tool and submit url. If you are having plenty of urls and submitting those urls using request indexing doesn’t make any difference here.

Google Deindexed URls does request indexing will re index?

If your url is deindexed then you need to submit the url once and change content on the webpage and submit via request indexing and google will crawl and index your website url.

Submitting plenty of url and modifying each page doesn’t help, even though If google bot crawls your website it will crawl via sitemap files and will pick up urls which are modified and published and it will index.

Why requesting index doesn’t work?

If request indexing is not helping your content to index in google search, then you need to make sure that you are providing useful and informational content and unique content on your website. If your website is providing spammy content then you need to make sure to get rid of spammy content.

Does Request indexing helps urls to index in Google Search?

Yes! it helps for 10 urls per day, but if your website is big then update your sitemaps file is enough to tell google to crawl again index.

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