How to Fix Favicon Not Updating in Google Search

  • To fix favicon not updating in Google search -> Check with favicon size and provide valid sizes recommended by google.
  • Check whether you are blocking google bot from crawling by mistake or not and provide valid link tag in header.
  • Ask google to re-crawl using URL inspection tool – request indexing and wait for google bot to update its favicon in google search.

If you have updated your favicon of your website and wondering why google is not showing favicon or if you have replaced your favicon with the older one and updated favicon with the new one and still google search is not showing favicon then you can fix this issue on your own by just following these simple and quick solutions. So, let’s see in detail below.

Whether it can be with your WordPress not updating favicon or it can be your Shopify website or your website is built with react website not updating favicon and implementation of favicon is pretty easy and make your site eligible to appear in google search results.

There are few reasons why google is not updating your favicon and many website developers and SEO miss these point at the starting point whether it can be with the favicon search icon size or it can be like notifying google about the favicon changes on your website.

Fix Favicon Not Updating in Google Search

Below methods will help you fix favicon not updating or google showing wrong favicon on any website.

Perform a Live URL Inspect of Home Page

First thing you need to do if your favicon is not updating in google search is perform a live url inspection of your home page and see whether google is able to crawl and update and if there are any issues with favicon or any other, then search console will notify you and you need to fix them.

If you perform live url inspection in search console then google will be seeing your website (live version) present version instead of already indexed page the test is simple and effective and you need to request indexing as well and notify google regarding the changes of your favicon.

Request Indexing – URL Inspection Tool –

You need to ask google to reindex your website url or homepage then you need to go to search console and login with your login details and select the correct property of your website and use url inspection tool in Search Console.

Step 1: Login to Search Console and Select your website property  

Step 2: Now, click on the top search bar

Step 3: Copy your website homepage or hit enter and wait for search console to perform live url and fetch details of your website homepage.

Once you perform or submit url to google and submit url to google and request indexing then your issue of website favicon not updated will be reflected.

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Cross check whether you are providing a link tag anchor tag with valid format providing a valid favicon link address and make sure that link is working when you navigate to that address.

Check with Favicon Size

Google provides website owners to implement favicon in different specific sizes and update their favicon icon and when google reseize your favicon in different size then make sure that “Your favicon must be a multiple of 48px square, for example: 48x48px, 96x96px, 144x144px and so on”.

Make Your Site Crawlable

If you have updated your website favicon then make sure that your are not blocking google bot from crawling favicon location or favicon and if google bot doesn’t crawl then favicon will not get updated or replaced with the new one.

Valid Favicon Format

Google supports specific valid formats of favicon in different browsers like edge, Mozilla, chrome, etc and support of different favicon valid formats like png, svg, ico etc.

Wait till Google Bot Updates Favicon

If you have updated favicon and wondering google bot is not updating new favicon on google then you need to wait till google updates it favicon. Google bot has a special user agent bot “Google favicon User Agent” and it’s a low volume crawler and visits website frequently and updates its favicon and wait for google bot to crawl website and updates its favicon.

Reasons Why Favicon Not Updating in Google Search

There are many reasons why google is not updating favicon like if you have blocked google bot from crawling using robots.txt file or if you have not notified google regarding the changes or it can be due to wrong valid format of favicon or it can be the size of favicon which is not recommended by google

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