Best Alternatives for Google Photos for Storage

  • If you are running out of google photos storage and getting notifications to free up your space, you are running out of storage then here are best alternatives for google photos storage space.

Google photos is not offering free unlimited storage for its users. Now you are looking for alternatives for google photos. After a number of searches, we short listed some alternative options for google photos.


  • It provides 5GB free storage space for its users.
  • If you want extra 10GB, it prices $1.99 per month 
  • It is a great way to backup your files, videos and images.
  • It also offering encrypted vault for your important files, with sensible layout and features.
  • Another key reason with one drive is integration with other Microsoft suite product

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Similarly like Amazon prime, if you subscribed with Adobe creative cloud, it offers 100GB free for its users.
  • If you want extra 1TB storage, it charges $1.99 per month

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  • It offering 100GB free storage for its users
  • It also offering unlimited file size, without any quality reduction
  • It charges $2.99 per month for extra 500 GB storage
  • If you don’t want any ads, and if you want to increase extra referral bonus, it provides 1000G  for 90 days with sign up option.


  • It offers free storage to all users up to 1TB
  • Terabox server provides better storage for sensitive or important files.
  • It charges $3.99 per month for 2TB extra storage
  • It upload speed is quite speed and fine

Amazon Photos

  • Amazon photos is alternative for google photos. If you are an Amazon prime subscriber then it is way for you
  • It offering free storage up to 5GB
  • It charges $1.99 per year with storage space of 100GB
  • It also offering 5GB video storage and unlimited photo storage for prime subscriber
  • One of the best feature of Amazon photos app is it automatically backup your photos


  • It is one of the best free cloud storage option 
  • It offering free 2GB storage for its users.
  • It has one of the best feature like a document/Pdf scanner
  • It charges $9.99 per month, with a storage of 2TB
  • It charges $120 per year for extra storage


  • It offering 20GB free storage for its users among with 5GB signup bonus
  • It is better option for sharing files, with your friends and colleagues with encrypted message 
  • It charges $5.89 per month for extra 400GB storage 

So, here are some alternatives apps for google photos. Hope this List is useful for you to known which storage is best.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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