New Features of Windows 10

Sometimes you will find updated new features that may help you to get new operating features. As soon as you will see any update available like windows 11 that will make computing life much easier and more secure. At present Many of people still use computers and laptop especially in software and IT sectors as well as in the office for their work. Even kids are using laptops for online classes and playing, every little update in windows can make you experience a better and by updating which sets you to change in future. So, here are some new features in Windows 10 and follow them.

New Features of Windows 10

Below are some of the important and interesting new features of windows 10 updates available and changes on Windows 10 operating systems.

Microsoft edge Browser

Microsoft edge is mainly used for privacy improvement and by default windows 10 is installed in version 20H2. This browser is now built on chromium, google open foundation for chrome browser, which makes more compatible with websites.

These new edge browsers include a privacy feature and that tries to block the sites which track you online. And a feature called “collection, make you more easy for gathering information from different websites while doing research. So, many people ask question “how to use new edge browser”. So, follow the below steps:

1) First you have to move your cursor to logo on your start menu which is in circular crashing wave in colour of blue, green and aqua.

2) In order to set privacy feature, go for the settings and then click on privacy and services.

3) You want to check for your privacy setting on which browser you are using hit on lock icon which is on left of your search box.

4) By using these options you can also check the site cookies, permission and certificates.

5) You even Toggle  tracking presentations ON or OFF.

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How to Use Edge Browser Collections Feature

  • Click on the icon that look like a “plus” or “+” at right of search bar and it will open the collection panel at right of screen.
  • Then hit in start new collection and rename it. Even you can add current page to save the web page.
  • You can drag image from page into the collection. As well as select and drag text and you can add notes.
  • To export collection of excel or word, hit on three dots to share and more icon at top of collection.

Customize New Smart Menu

The customize new feature will replace the solid color back plates behind the logo in your app list with transparent background. The color will change depends on whether you are running on light or dark mode.

How to Customize New Start Menu

If you want to add new colour to start menu that match your desktop theme.

  • Go for the settings, then personalization and colour that enable the accent colour on start, action centre and task bar.

Open All Tab at Once

With the update of new feature, you can able to open all tabs in edge with a simple command instead of active one in each browser window. An this makes easier to get full view of every window instead of window you have open of just one. Now, you will able to configure only last three or five tabs or turn it off completely and it will only works with edge browser.

Customize Your Tabs

If you want to open all your tabs at once, then press Alt+tab to configure your tab settings or turn off the feature.

  • Go for the settings, then system and click on multi tasking.
  • Then you will see a drop down menu with options for what Alt+tab can do.
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