Laptop Speakers Not Working But Headphones Work Windows 11

On a windows 11 computer when you are connecting your windows headphones and headphones sound works but laptop speakers are not working then you can follow these simple solutions and fix the issue of speaker not working but headphones works issue easily.

Windows Speakers Not Working But Headphones Work issue can occur if there is any hardware issue or speakers have a hardware issue or corrupted sound drivers.

Windows 11 Speakers Not Working But Headphones Work

Below solutions will help you fix the speaker not working but headphones work on windows 11 or 10 computers.

Method 1: Change Sound Settings or Speaker Settings

Step 1: Right click on Volume icon on windows taskbar and select volume mixer.

Step 2: Here, increase the volume bar to high and increase the sound volume to maximum.

If you are having low volume here, then this can cause the issue for sound not working or laptop speaker not working but headphones work issue.

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Sound Drivers

Step 1: Right click on the windows icon and select Device Manager option.

Step 2: In Device Manager -> Expand Sound, audio and game controller option.

Step 3: Now, Right click on Audio Device (high definition audio device) and click on Uninstall Device and confirm in the pop up box and uninstall sound drivers.

Step 4: After uninstalling sound drivers, you need to restart your windows 11 computer and windows computer will install the best suitable drivers for your windows 11 computer.

After uninstalling and reinstalling sound drivers your issue of laptop speaker not working but sound on headphones working issue will be fixed and laptop speaker will be working fine after reinstalling sound drivers.

Install Drivers from Manufacturer Website

If you are having hp, lenovo, acer or any other laptop, then go to google and search for acer or hp sound drivers or drivers and enter your laptop serial number and download drivers from the official website and install manufacture official drivers from the website and your issue of laptop speakers not working but headphones does will be fixed.

Why Windows 11 Laptop Speakers Not Working But Headphones Work

This is due to outdated drivers or corrupted sound drivers on your windows 11 computer and you need to update it and run windows sound troubleshooter and reinstall official sound drivers from the manufacturer website.

 How do I get Windows 11 to recognize my speakers?

To get your windows 11 speakers get recognise then you need to update sound drivers to latest version and select sound output correctly and make sure speaker are not damaged or hardware issue.

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