How to Increase Volume Speakers in Windows 11

  • Run the troubleshooter and change sound settings and properties in volume sound settings.
  • Update your sound drivers in device manager and restart your computer.

If you are experiencing low sound on your windows 11 or windows 10 system you can change a few settings and improve laptop volume beyond maximum and most of the time updating sound drivers will improve and increase sound quality settings of laptop speakers. Lets see in detail below.

Improve Laptop Speakers Sound Beyond Maximum

Follow below steps to improve laptop speakers sound

Drag the Volume Slider to Maximum

Go down to the system tray and select the speaker icon from the taskbar and drag the slider to the maximum level and turned on.

Turn on Physical Speakers

Make sure your physical speakers are turned on and turn on the power button.

Change Sound Properties in Control Panel

Step 1: Click on search menu -> type in control panel and open control panel.

Step 2: Now, select view by to large icon from drop down menu.

Step 3: Click on sound options.

Step 4: In sound settings -> select  the playback tab.

Step 5: Now select the speaker which is connected and modify and select configure on the bottom of sound settings and test the volume sound of speakers and close the settings.

Step 6: Now, select properties from the sound settings.

Step 7: Click on advanced tab on top.

Step 8: Using the drop down select different sound format and sound quality audio on windows 11.

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Troubleshoot Sound Settings

Step 1: Open up windows search and type in troubleshoot settings and click on it.

Step 2: Select Other troubleshooters.

Step 3: Select Playing audio and click on RUN.

Step 4: Wait for the sound troubleshooter to run and if anything is wrong it will suggest you accordingly.

Update Sound Drivers

Step 1: Go ahead and open device manager settings.

Step 2: Select Audio input and outputs.

Step 3: Right click on it and click on update drivers.

Once sound drivers get updated then windows 11 will automatically improve and increase laptop speakers’ sound.


Hopefully, by following all above methods your windows 11 will improve laptop speakers sound.

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