How to fix ntoskrnl.exe High Memory Usage in Windows 11

  • To fix ntoskrnl.exe by using regedit method and disable runtime broker and update drivers and also run system file checker which helps to fix corrupted files in windows 11.

After upgrading your windows 11 system you may face issue like ntoskrn.exe high memory usage and you need to disable superfetch service, you can cleanup image and restore health and by using regedit and couple of other methods to fix ntoskrnl.exe high memory usage. After upgrading your windows 11 form windows 10 this is a common issue and your system memory usage will be high and to get rid of this you need to upgrade your Hard disk to SSD to completely fix this issue like chrome occupying high memory usage and other services occupying high memory.

How to fix ntoskrnl.exe High Memory Usage

Below are the trobuleshooting methods to fix high memory usage ntoskrnl.exe

Regedit Method

Step 1: Go ahead and copy and paste the below code in notepad.

Step 2: Save it as .reg file on your desktop.

Step 3: run the .reg file and allow and click yes and press ok.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Now, you need to restart your computer if you have changed regedit file and your issue will be fixed and you will not see any ntoskrl.exe high memory usage in windows 11 or windows 10.

Restore Health

Step 1: In windows 10 search type in cmd and click on run as administrator.

Step 2: Now, type in -> Dism /Online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and hit enter.

Step 3: Wait for the restore process to complete and once done you will not experine any issue like ntoskrl.exe high memory usage on windows 11.

Run System file Checker

Step 1: Open command prompt with administrative privileges.

Step 2: In cmd -> type in sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Step 3: Wait for the scan to complete.

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Disable Runtime Broker

Step 1: Press shift + Alt + Escape key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now, look for runtime broker from the list.

Step 3: Right click on runtime broker and end task.

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