How to Fix Windows 10 High Memory Usage Issue

After windows 10 update lot of users are experiencing windows 10 high memory usage issue of memory leak repair and with workaround solution to fix this issue as well.

Windows 10 high memory usage leads to your windows 10 computer perform slow and leads to lagging issues even though no process is running in background or your windows 10 is idle mode, your windows 10 computer will run out of memory and you can see error triggering high memory usage in windows 10, So lets see how to fix and repair high memory usage or memory leak issue in detail below:

Fix Windows 10 high memory Usage Issue

Step 1: Click on start menu and type regedit.

Step 2: Right click on regedit and run as administrator.

Step 3: Once you are in registry editor expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Step 4: Expand System

Step 5: Expand ControlSet001

Step 6: Expand Services

Step 7: Now Scroll down and click on Ndu

Step 8: On right hand side pane right click on start

Step 9: Right click on start entry and click on Modify

Step 10: Now change the value data is set to 2 -> Change value data to 4 and click ok.

That’s it, once you change these setting, your memory leak will reduce and will not see any error on windows 10 high performance usage issue.

If this method doesn’t work for you and you still face issue with high memory usage issue follow below method to free up more space or fix memory leaks in windows 10.

Change Service SuperFetch

Step 1: Right click on run and open run command

Step 2: Type services.msc in run and press ok

Step 3: In service settings windows and find Superfetch

Note: Superfetch maintains and improves performance over time.

Step 4: Right click on superfetch and click ok stop

Step 5: Now double click on it and disable start up type by  choosing drop down action.

Step 6: Click Apply and Ok.

Step 7: Now restart your computer to reflect the changes made in services settings.

Once you restart your computer you will not be seeing any issue with high memory usage in windows 10 and you will see decrease in memory usage.

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Why Windows 10 High Memory Usage Issue occurs?

Some of the software when you open and use the process systems in background they are supposed to be closed as well. If you are using too many programs on your computer at a time you windows 10 computer will be using lot of process list and will lead to high memory usage.

If you are not using software or program, by using windows 10 task manager you kill the process. Some times they will be running in background and occupying high memory leakage.

How to Check Windows 10 high Memory Usage Programs?

You can check using windows task manger by pressing using CONTROL+Shift+ESC or by simple right clicking on windows task manger -> select windows task manger. Once you are in windows task manger you will see performance tab->to check performance usage.

If you want to check processes then click on process tab to see which program is occupying with high CPU usage and by right clicking on it you can end task high CPU usage process as well on your windows 10 computer if you are facing high memory usage issue.

Antivirus software issue with hight memory usage?

Sometime antivirus software’s also lead to high memory usage issue in windows 10 computer, go ahead and disable antivirus software to see if antivirus is causing high memory issue usage issue in windows 10 computer.

why is my ram usage so high when nothing is running?

Open windows task manager and look of process with high cpu usage and right click on it and end task.

Does antivirus leads to High Memory Usage Issue?

Yes! Sometimes, antivirus may lead to memory leak issue, disable antivirus to see if memory leak stops.

Why is so much of my RAM being used?

If you use lot of apps or software’s at a time on your computer then high memory will be allocated and cause memory usage issue as well, close applications or software’s which you are not using and uninstall as well to avoid memory leaks.

How do I fix RAM usage?

You can fix by several methods one of them is by using regedit and another is disabling superfectch in services.

Does Malware also leads to High Memory usage in windows 10?

Yes, malware also leads to this issue if your windows 10 is installed with any malicious software’s run a scan and uninstall application which you have not installed on your windows 10 computer.

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