How to fix your computer is low on memory windows 10

Sometimes you may be getting this error your computer is low on memory in windows 10 and there are couple of easy methods to fix this error alert in your windows 10 laptop or computer with usage of ram memory leak, this is caused due to issue of memory your computer and draining your performance issue with memory in your windows 10 computer, so, lets see how to fix this error.

Fix your computer is low on memory windows 10:

Step 1: Click on start menu and type system (control panel).

Step 2: Click on it and open system (it will open your system settings).

Step 3: Click on Advanced system settings

Step 4: Under Advanced tab->Under performance-> Click on settings.

Note: Under visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage and virtual memory.

Step 5: Now select box adjust for best performance.

Step 6: Click on Apply and Ok.

Step 7: Now again click on Advanced tab, underneath virtual memory, click on change.

Step 8: Now uncheck, Automatically manage paging file size for all devices.

Step 9: Under custom size: you need to add value there, for initial size to recommended below in those settings, like 1024.

Step 10: Click on set and click Apply and ok.

Step 11: You will be prompted to restart your computer to affect these changes, click ok.

Step 12: Now close all windows by clicking apply and ok and restart your computer.

That’s it, when you restart your computer you will not be facing any prompted messages like your computer is low on memory windows 10 computer, your issue will be resolved.

What cause your computer is low on memory in windows 10?

This error is due to when your computer has a memory leak whenever you run a particular program, and you need to find out which memory is leaking and fix the memory leak. You can check the memory leak by using task manager and by using process tab and memory.

It also depends on which software you are using on your computer also. By overuse of few applications also causes this issue and you will get an alert your computer is low on memory windows 10.

Does trouble shooting help fix your computer is low on memory windows 10?

No trouble shooting will not help, troubleshooting will direct you to install new version of windows or you can uninstall new updates which are installed or you can get in to restore previous versions will sort in troubleshooting.

How do I fix low memory on Windows 10?

You need to change few settings in windows 10 system settings and enter initial value size which is recommended by your computer settings, it depends on your ram.

What happens with your computer is low on memory windows 10?

Your computer or laptop gets an alert and lags in your performance when you are using your computer.

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