How to Boot Windows in Safe Mode on Windows 11 or 10 Computer or Laptop

If your computer is having trouble accessing and making annoying when you use and crashing saying automatic repair and doesn’t respond then you need to boot in safe mode windows 10 to fix the issues and you can boot in safe mode in many different ways, you can also check how to start in safe mode.

There are many ways to boot in safe mode windows 10 computer or laptop and they are :

1- Using Shift + Restart Buttons

2- Using Shift + F8

Using System Configuration Tool (msconfig)

The first method is to boot using system configuration tool and lets see them in detail how to boot using this method:

Step 1: Open run windows by pressing Windows Key + R simultaneously on keyboard.


Step 2: Type msconfig and press enter or Ok. You will be prompted with system configuration tool.


Step 3: Switch to the boot tab.


Step 4: In Boot options select the safe boot option then click ok.


Step 5: Select Restart Now and your system will automatically boot into Safe Mode.


Start windows Normally after entering Safe Mode in windows 10:

To start windows normally open system configuration again and uncheck safe boot.

Using Shift + Restart Buttons:

To boot in safe mode windows 10 the other way is by using the shift button plus restart combination.

Step 1: Open the start menu and click on the power button.


Step 2: By holding the shift key press click on restart.


Step 3: After restart windows 10 will ask you to select an option.


Step 4: Choose Troubleshoot.


Step 5: On the troubleshoot screen click on Advanced options.

Step 6: Now here select Start up Settings.


Step 7: Now you will get windows start up settings that will notify you to restart to change windows options, including enabling safe mode. Now click restart.


Step 8: Here you can choose which boot options and get into safe mode. You have 3 different options, 4- Enable safe mode (F4), 5- enable safe mode with networking press F5, 6- enable safe mode with command prompt press (F6).

Step 9: Your windows will restart and boot in safe mode.

Using Shift Restart Button

To exit safe mode by using shift restart key just restart your computer your windows 10 will start normally.

Using Shift + F8

To boot in safe mode windows 10 by sing shift + F8 just follow below instructions:

Press Shift + F8, just before windows starts loading so that you make it start the recovery mode from where you can boot into safe mode. The problem with this option is that most of times shift plus F8 doesn’t work and F8 doesn’t work, even though they are correct commands which are supported by windows 10.

You can enable the legacy advanced boot options menu that allows you to press F8 upon start.

If you are unable to boot 10 normally and are unable to get to safe mode from with in the operations you need to choose advanced boot options.

Which option to choose to boot in safe mode windows 10 in startup settings?

There are 3 options available, enable safe mode, enable safe mode with networking and enable safe mode with command prompt. Choose accordingly by pressing F4, F5, F6.

Can I boot in safe mode windows 10 using msconfig?

Yes you can boot in safe mode windows 10 by using msconfig system configuration.

Cant exit windows 10 safe mode?

Just restart the computer it will start windows normally.

Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
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