How to boot Lenovo laptop from USB windows 10

How to Boot Lenovo Laptop From USB Windows 10

  • To enter boot menu in lenovo laptop you need to press F12 or Fn + 12 key on your keyboard continuously.

Lenovo plays one of the major roles in the business of their laptops and desktops, ideapads, thinkpads and their features are high performance, good quality and efficiency. How good our laptops may be sometimes it may encounter with system errors in windows 10. In order to avoid those we have to backup laptops or make bootable USB.

Boot Lenovo from USB windows 10

If you want to boot your Lenovo, then you need to find well functioning laptop to create a bootable USB at first. If you are going to start, dont forget to check the validity of USB.

Step 1: First you have to download, install and launch software on well functioning laptop. Select tools on left side and press on create “bootable method”.

Step 2: After that select “ bootable disc type” and recommend to choose windows this option will offer you more operations than “Linux”  and hot on “Next”.

Step 3: Then choose USB boot device and click on next.

Step 4: Now you have to insert the bootable USB to Lenovo laptop and press any key to refer the laptop manual or websites to enter the BIOS.

Step 5: Finally select the bootable USB drive and hit on the enter button to make Lenovo boot from USB.

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If you cannot boot Lenovo from USB Windows 10

There are two reasons why you cannot boot Lenovo from USB windows 10.

Your laptop may be affected by Lenovo engine service:First click on start button and then go for settings from left side, then hit on system.

Step 1: From that choose “About” from the list and note your “system type”. In that browse to the “ Lenovo security Advisory”.

Step 2: Hit on data and scroll down to find LSE window disable tool.

Step 3: After that click on download icon to your windows version  and after download, open the program, it will help you to remove LSE.

Create Bootable Media Correctly

If you need to boot your Lenovo from USB windows 10, make sure to prepare a bootable USB drive.

Usually speaking you can able to create a installation USB with the media creation tool which is provided by the Microsoft and boot it to install a clean copy of windows 10 or you can create a recovery drive on USB with windows in built tool and boot it for reinstallation or troubleshooting.