Windows 10 won't boot black screen:

Windows 10 won’t boot black screen

if you are trying to boot windows 10 and seeing black screen on your screen and windows 10 won’t boot and every time you boot windows 10 will show blank screen and there are couple of different methods to fix this issue, so, let’s see in detail how to fix windows 10 with blank screen below.

When windows 10 operating system was unable to boot windows operating system continuously for 3 times then windows 10 will show up troubleshoot options to fix booting issue.

how to Windows 10 won't boot black screen:
how to Windows 10 won’t boot black screen:

Windows 10 won’t boot black screen

Step 1: Click on Advanced options on automatic repair screen.

Step 2: Select troubleshoot->Advanced Options


Step 3: Now choose the option which suits you better, select system start up repair option.

Step 4: Wait for your windows 10 computer to diagnose your pc

Step 5: windows 10 will automatically repair your pc and check for errors and will attempt repairs.

That’s it once you choose start up repair option then windows 10 will perform checks and fix errors automatically.

 In windows 10 automatic repair option choose if windows start up repair tool was unable to fix windows 10 not booting and still you are facing the same issue, then you can try other windows 10 utilities tool then you can try system image, system restore, command prompt utility tools and fix these issues.

Why windows 10 wont boot or unable to boot?

Windows 10 will not boot if windows 10 operating system is corrupted or windows 10 is having corrupted files and this happens due to improper shutdown of your windows 10 computer or windows 10 is partially updated with power interrupts.