Windows 10 Black Screen on Startup Fix

Windows 10 Black Screen on Startup Fix

When you start your windows 10 laptop or computer you can see a blank screen or windows 10 black screen on startup and there are several causes like hardware(BAD HDMI Cable damaged or faulty monitor display, NVIDA graphic card issue), software,  when your screen goes black after login or after stratup or when your computer boots and get rid of this black screen with troubleshooting methods.

If it is a software issues then once you turn on your windows 10 laptop you can see a logo and when it starts to boot then your display will go dark or black screen and blank and your computer is still on with power cable lits up power as well.

How to fix windows 10 black screen on Startup

Step 1: Turn on your PC and when its turning on then turn off again…do this for couple of times.

Step 2: After 3 times your pc will enter recovery mode in windows 10.

Step 3: In recovery mode settings -> Select advanced repair option here.

Step 4: Click on troubleshoot->Advanced options.

Step 5: Now, click on startup settings -> click on restart.

Step 6: Now, you need to press f4 to enter in to safe mode while windows is booting.

Step 7: Press F4 and windows 10 will boot your computer in safe mode.

Step 8: Enter your password and login.

Step 9: Search for device manger in windows search bar and launch device manger.

Step 10: Find display adaptor in device manger and right click on your display dirivers and click on uninstall.

Step 11: Now, go ahead and restart your pc and it will restart your pc in normal mode.

That’s it, when your windows 10 boots up and starts windows 10 now Windows 10 Black screen on Startup issues will be fixed successfully.

Why Windows 10 Black screen on Startup?

The main reason is due to hardware or software issues with corrupted display drivers problem or any graphic card issues. Once you uninstall and reinstall display drivers Windows 10 Black screen on Startup will be fixed.

You can face this issue if you have updated your windows 10 as well and display drivers are outdated or corrupted and see How to fix Windows 10 Black Screen on Startup with cursor or without cursor on your screen.

How to fix Windows 10 Black screen on Startup?

Start your computer in safe mode and uninstall display drivers and restart your pc.