How to Fix Sharp tv Black Screen of Death or Black Screen


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If you are having experience black screen of death on sharp tv then this is due to power supply issue or also this can be due to hardware related issues as well or power supply cable or damaged power cables or hdmi cables or ports as well and other issues like software related issues as well and also sometimes your sharp tv will have black screen with sound and without sound and apps black screen as well. So, let’s see in detail below.

Sometimes, you can also experience issues with black screen on sharp smart tv when you open apps like netflix, amazon prime, hotstar or any other apps and apps stuck on black screen also and this is due to cache issue or outdated app and you need to uninstall and reinstall apps and update apps.

Sharp tv Black Screen of Death

Below methods will help you fix sharp smart tv black screen of death or black screen on sharp tv when turning on.

Sharp tv Black Screen of Death or Black Screen

Remove Any Connected External Devices

If you have connected any external devices to your sharp tv like hard drives or any other devices, then sometimes this can also be an issue to get black screen on sharp tv and you need to remove all connected devices and then check.

Power Reset Sharp tv

Step 1: Turn on sharp tv and by using remote power button turn off sharp tv

Step 2: Wait for one to two minutes and then turn on sharp tv and if there is any minor power supply malfunction issue then by power resetting sharp tv will fix black screen on sharp tv issue.

Power rest sharp tv will fix almost all issues and power supply issue is causing black screen of death or black screen on sharp tv then your issue will be resolved – black screen of death issue.

Check Power Supply Voltage Fluctuations

If Sharp TV is receiving voltage fluctuations then there is a high possibility of getting black screen on sharp tv and sharp tv also gets damaged due to power supply voltage fluctuations and check whether sharp tv is receiving any voltage fluctuations and fix any power supply issues on sharp tv.

Hard Reset Sharp tv

Step 1: Turn off sharp tv and then Unplug Power cable from wall outlet completely.

Step 2: Wait for 60 seconds and then plug back sharp tv power cable back to wall socket and turn it on.

Step 3: Now, go ahead and turn on sharp smart tv and your sharp tv will turn on without any issue of black screen.

That’s it, this is how you fix sharp tv black screen of death by simply power resetting sharp tv and restarting sharp tv.

Unplug and Plug Back HDMI Cable Tightly

If HDMI cable on back of sharp tv is connected loosely and it is not sourcing power then you can experience black screen of death – black screen on sharp tv and you need to remove hdmi cable plug completely out of hdmi port and plug it back again properly tightly without any loose connection and check.

If the problem is due to hdmi cable not inserted properly then your issue of sharp tv black screen issue will be fixed.

Check HDMI Cable or Replace HDMI Cable

Sharp tv is connected to hdmi cable on the back of sharp tv and if hdmi cable connected on back is damaged or corrupted then you will not get a picture on sharp tv and you will get black screen on sharp tv (black screen of death issue).

You need to get a new hdmi cable and replace it with a new hdmi cable and connect it to the back of your sharp tv and turn on sharp tv and check. If your sharp tv is working normally and getting pictures then hdmi cable is the culprit and hdmi cable is damaged.

Backlight Issue

If your sharp tv backlight is damaged or corrupted then you can see this issue of black screen of death on sharp tv and you need to contact support and get backlight repaired and check your sharp tv has warranty as well.

Update firmware on Sharp tv

Sometimes Due to outdated software issue, you sharp tv screen goes black then you need to update sharp tv to latest software version and you can download latest firmware from sharp tv official website and download it on usb cable and plug usb cable on back of sharp tv and update firmware on sharp tv.

Turn off Screen Timer on Sharp tv

If you have turned on sleep timer then sharp tv goes black and turn off by itself at the set of interval time you set on sleep timer and you need to turn off sleep timer on sharp tv and to turn off sleep timer on sharp tv -> Go to Settings -> Time ->Sleep timer and turn it off.

Reset Sharp tv 

Step 1: Locate buttons on sharp tv – channel button and input buttons

Step 2: Completely turn off power from sharp tv and remove power cable outlet connected to wall socket.

Step 3: Now, Press and hold channel down button and Input button simultaneously

Step 3: Now, Connect power outlet back to the wall socket and don’t let go off these two buttons (keep holding the channel down and the input button).

Step 5: Once you see sharp tv rebooting then release these two buttons and let sharp tv turn on and reboot itself.

Step 6: Now, select Service Mode and select Factory reset and wait for your sharp tv to reset sharp tv and this will erase all data from your sharp tv including apps, all data, and everything from sharp tv and you need to setup sharp tv from beginning.

Once you factory reset the sharp tv then your tv will be like a brand new sharp tv you just bought from the store and you need to set it up from the beginning again and start using the sharp tv.

Reset Sharp tv with Power Button or Reset Button

If your sharp tv has physical buttons of reset or power button on sharp tv then you can simply press and hold reset button or power button for 10 to 20 seconds until your sharp tv turn off or until you see sharp tv logo and release the power or reset button and wait for sharp tv to reboot and this will completely reset sharp tv and erase all your data as well.

Why Does My Sharp tv screen goes black but still has sound

This can happen due to the backlight failure and backlight on sharp tv helps the display on lcd screen and if backlight gets failed or damaged then you won’t see any display on sharp tv and you will hear only sound on sharp tv when turning on.

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